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2011-11-01, 00:32
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Oct 2011
I know a lot of people (at least 20) are going to participate to the 4th Volume of Ignition.

And as I've seen the Maplist, A LOT of people will not choose the last 2 maps - Hate, and Vdm3v3, for the 3 initial custom maps - aero, skull, ztn3.

About Hate, I can understand (I ate hate :< ). However, about VDM3V3... It is a really enjoyable map.

To make it easier to understand the game, I've made an overview with the main infos you need : Spawns, weapons, ammo/health packs , and teleporters.

Here's the pictures (click to enlarge):

However, as that map is really tricky, some pictures aren't enough to make you understand more the map.

So, I tried hard (still a beginner though, but i can analyse a map quite fast) to find you some tricks which will help you a little more to enjoy it.

Here's the videos:

- (in Fastest mode, please watch it using 720p)
- (More of them, and in higher quality :> )

I think that should be enough to enjoy enough the map for the tournament. if there is any question, feel free to ask.
(And sorry... no "real" strats... if needed, move it elsewhere.) Administrator o/
2011-11-18, 09:21
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Jan 2006
*bump* as this topic was falsely identified as spam
2011-11-18, 11:45
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Mar 2008
Nice Choww!

Along with Skull, I think this is the best custom map (not counting aero & ztndm3) for duels.

If I remember correctly, it's made by an old school norwegian player nicked Vio. Think I had a chat with him a year ago or so, where he explained that he gave this map alot of thought. This seems like a nice basic tutorial for this map, and hopefully well see this map being played more often in Ignition
2011-11-18, 12:07
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Dec 2008
Hate is also nice map.
I had 2 pracs there.
2012-08-02, 00:12
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Aug 2012
I made this map back in 2004 or 05 I think. Vio from Norway that is. Made my qw comeback today, thinking about making a new map. I had 2 solid ideas that I started drawing a few years back, one of which is a map that changes shape.
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