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European Quake League
2011-11-04, 14:28
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Jul 2007
If there woulnt be proof or chance to get proof i wouldn,t be able to write here . but you seem to play some kind of game with us .
I informed admins about this long time from my perspective and i was also surprised it take ages to kick someone from leage .
2011-11-04, 14:33
News Writer
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Jun 2007
Yes u informed, but what more?
2011-11-04, 14:35
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Jul 2007
It was pointless to talk to you becouse you werent interested , so ask 1tsinen i spend lot af time to work conlusion with him .
2011-11-04, 14:53
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Feb 2006
This is getting a bit weird. So proof has been presented, but noone has been penalized? Seems like the proof wasn't enough for a verdict?

Anyway.. shouldn't it be very easy to check if all these 3 players use the same IP?
2011-11-04, 14:56
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Jul 2007
like you had own questions : who else shared these nick in theres a need ?
2011-11-04, 15:21
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Jun 2007
I was interested, you wrote to me once on a server and then nothing more
2011-11-04, 15:26
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Jul 2007
Be more gentle next time . You posts also made twofold impact . In community like this ppl should support each other.
2011-11-04, 15:59
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Jan 2006
I've read these posts several times and its getting more and more confusing.

You started okay:

hal.flost wrote:
Since we finally getting closer to official statement with proofs that dc (DisCredited) shamoth faked as three players in multiple divisons as sniegowy and predator
I would like you (beside of admins) ask - do you think clan leaders : panczo and fluartity should be punished also . Theres no doubt they were know
(theres proof for that also) and they hiding this fact even mislead with kloze on their site .

you mentioned "official statement" and "proofs". official statement from who?

you mentioned nicks:
a) shamoth = sniegowy = predator
b) panczo and fluartity
c) kloze

one at a time:
regarding a): where's the evidence? since you post this kind of information on a public forum, people expect to see the proof, since its a serious accusation
regarding b): should be punished for what? fakenicking? which nicks? evidence plz
regarding c): not sure why his nick was mentioned. he's clanleader and was led to believe that a) were different players? or kloze knows about the fakenicking?

forget what you have previously told to admins, clan leaders and so on. write everything from the beginning, as we don't know nothing about this situation. and try to explain yourself in a clearer english, please.
never argue with an idiot. they'll bring you back to their level and then beat you with experience.
2011-11-04, 16:11
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Jul 2007
well mushi if i did any mistakes or broke rules somewhere tell me - i would like fix it i dont want to have a trouble ; so if you give me a pointer i delete what you tell me .
2011-11-04, 16:14
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Feb 2006
Mushi: As for b) and c) I think he means that they should be punished as clanleaders for knowing about the fakenicking and hiding the facts.

Otherwise I have to agree, it's really hard to follow and no proof has been presented. The accusations are very serious, but as it is now it's just "loose words" that won't bring any clarity what so ever.
2011-11-04, 16:15
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Feb 2006
Where are you from flost? Maybe you could write in your mother tongue and get one of your countrymen to translate it to english before you post it in the forum, because as it is now it's very hard to understand you, and it seems like you don't understand what we are saying to you as well
2011-11-04, 16:34
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Jul 2007
I have wrote that so you can know before its oficially known and get some input from you , as you can think admins will present it to you in wide-range view if they manage whole situation so you will not accuse them like me, you just need to wait a bit . if my topic violatin law I would like to delete it .
2011-11-04, 19:28
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Jan 2006
what it against the "law" is your english skills =) =)

seriously now:
You want to know our input. It's very simple, fakenicking is not allowed by the rules of any league. From that pov, ofc it's something everyone dissaproves and disagrees with.

Nothing that you wrote here is "illegal", but you should post evidence when you make these accusations in public.

I assume that EQL admins have all the proofs on their hands already, so lets wait for their decision. Only them can take a decision on this subject, since they're admins of the league which the rule of fakenicking exists.

If you have proofs, now that you started this discussion, i suggest you to post them here.
If you don't have proofs, say so. But to make these accusations, you better have them.
If what you tell is a lie, then we are wasting our time.

im curious, because noone envolved has replied yet.
never argue with an idiot. they'll bring you back to their level and then beat you with experience.
2011-11-04, 19:38
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Feb 2006
Mushi I think he just doesnt understand you Looks like he 'google translates' what everyone is saying and they replying with google translate aswell
2011-11-04, 19:40
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Jan 2006
Well, proof seems to be on the eql site, not that hard to find if you just look through the games of each team hes played for.
2011-11-04, 19:43
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Oct 2006
I don't think anyone involved (I'm assuming that is what you meant mushi has an account here, so you guys are wasting your time anyway. If halflost has a problem, he should report it to the admins and I'm assuming they will like to have a word with everyone accused. I don't understand why this became a public show?
2011-11-04, 21:50
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Dec 2006
Hagge wrote:
Where are you from flost? Maybe you could write in your mother tongue and get one of your countrymen to translate it to english before you post it in the forum, because as it is now it's very hard to understand you, and it seems like you don't understand what we are saying to you as well

I agree. I suggest hal.flost presents his case in Polish(?) and then somebody else can translate it so we get the full meaning and evidence with no miscommunication. But I think he should write the whole thing here in Polish publically rather than it being translated offline so there can be no accusations of a bad translation.
2011-11-04, 23:57
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Jul 2007
i go to work for two shifts so you need to wait now , but if you have further questions please contact me .

ps , I saw on servers that some fan use my nickname , i guess its a sighn for being famous , so i give you my regards.
2011-11-05, 08:21
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May 2007
I think what he means is, that all facts and evidences are already presented to the admins and that they will make them public, and proof to us that those players fake nicked. He doesnt even want to present the facts here. He knows that they fake nicked and just wants to know from us (on basis that those players will be get their verdict), if we think their clan leaders should be punished as well or only the fake nickers.
2011-11-05, 16:11
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Oct 2006
BTW, I understand why halflost might be writing this stuff here and demanding PUNISHMENT (huhuh). How about we make this a double edge - if halflost fails to provide proof, he gets banned from whatever he wants DC to be banned INSTEAD?

I believe this is how it usually works, you can accuse people of whatever the hell you want, but you are legible for punishment if you're laughable with evidence and made your case public. I believe that's fair.
2011-11-07, 07:02
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Jul 2007
Ban Hooraytio and Fausto. That will teach them!
2011-11-07, 07:25
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Jun 2007
What is this? I dont even...
2011-11-07, 09:48
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Oct 2006
poland can't into space trolololo
2011-11-07, 18:07
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May 2006
Faustov wrote:
gaz wrote:
We then got a recording of their TeamSpeak from the semi-final and you can very clearly hear someone saying "sorry Alex" (Alex bein Purity's real name), but we then got some other horseshit excuse and we didn't quite have the balls to go through with a ban/reversal of the result!

All this time I thought Purity's real name is JAAP... wtf man?

no, that's GIJS
Custom maps for the show, episodes for the pro.
2011-11-08, 01:40
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Jul 2007
1tsinen @EQL SITE wrote:
Quite many has been suspicious for a while about a player showing up some time ago..

.. from nowhere to own division 3. Well as many guessed and some people even did know, it was a faker once again! This time we struggled to catch the player but always, sooner or later we catch them. Well in the end we found ip matches, client matches, setup matches for both qw and computer.

Since this is a bit bigger case than the earlier have been, because of the following player did fakenick in 3 clans we have decided we give a ban to this player from eql until we decide he has suffered his punishment. Whenever that is...

The clans he has played in will also get a piece of the cake because they have had great advantage of him playing with them. So all games played with the following player will have 1 point deducted. The biggest difference will most probably be that Machinerys last season division 3 win will be disqualified aswell.

The player is Shamoth/Predator/Sniegowy.

Yours, CSI EQL!

In case we have official info from EQL admins , i dont have anything to add ... maybe just one - i personally consider Boomstick Ownators clan as a winner of Eql 13 .

eot from my side . gl everyone vs fair play opponents .
2011-11-26, 22:42
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Nov 2011
I have been waiting 3 weeks when admins do some demendi but they don’t wanna or they don’t have time to do it. So that’s why I have to write some on the “faker” . When admins branded me I write them this statement. Some information are very private so I put there something like this - (XXXX)

The statement was:
“”””I have to say something because I have enough this situation around my person. This situation irritating me. I will have to say things which nobody knows about it. What’s I ask you to say nobody about it. Only me and admins can know. I will start that halflost is a player who’s does not playing qw now. I think he is sitting only on qtv. Probably bambocha its his fakename. Did someone see nick halflost on 4/4 mix or whatever.? Everything started 2 or 3 years ago when halflost was in the same team with biborodek. They got the extreme rape from dc. Like 500-20 or something.( I showed to admins the screen from this rape) Since that time he hates DC and he many times said that he will do all to destroy us. He is looking for any way to vengeance on dc. He attacked dc members on polish qw forum in all topics. He most hates fluarity. All polish qw scene know him not from game, but from forum. When he played with biborodek then they extracted conclusion that me is the same person like sniegowy. (Ehh this is not true). They had been think this to the present. Remember too the fact that bibo halflost, and sniegowy played together 3 season ago in machinery. After that season Biborodek and halflost gone, and they want then take sniegowy. He said me then he wanna stay in machinery. Since thet time biborodek and halflost are angry. Now I will tell you about this important thing. Sniegowy is my cousin. I am (xxx) old now he is (xxx)old . He learned me playing qw. When he was polish (xxxx) in 1997 I was then (xxx) and have been starting play qw. After 2 years he finished qw. I encouraging him to came back qw after ages. He backs, I don’t remember 2-3 yeras ago.I give him then my config and said him “don’t use all” Please look demos before 2 years ago, when he’s back. He didn’t know what is bunnyhops, his move was like noob’s. But like player who played ealier, he learned very fast. He said me many times, that someone laugh for him. I am one from oldness polish qw players. I am old, I have wife and small children, and really I don’t have time to play on shamoth but what on others. That’s its very funny. Many times sniegowy is coming to me with his wife( our wifes are know very well, and they are close friends). When he cames, then sometimes I had been giving him play on my comuter.( so thats why we sometimes had the same ip ,komputer system, client etc.) I have never faked him on qw, and he had never faked me. Was one time when I played like sniegowy. When he coudn’t come, on polish qw party. It was local competition, and then we need one to play internal tournament. Not on qw!!!!!!! I am really clear. Halflost probably know that we are from the same city, so he has argument to revenge on dc. When sniegowy coming on the serwer he usualy talk to me(hello brother). Someone probably sow it. This ia argument to find more to destroy somebody. Think please, why halflost want also ban for fluarity and ponczek!!!! Now halflost deleted all his post on Why??? There was write that he will do all to destroy dc and machinery! Now I will tell something about predator. Proedator Its a (xxxxx), so I don’t know why me! I have nothing with this guy. This is guy who’s coming only on official matches.I faked him 2 max 3 times, when dc2 didndt have 4. And that’s it. And it’s all I know. All dc players asked me “ are u fake like sniegowy’ but never nobody asked me, who is sniegowy for you. I will not give answer on the forum, because talk with halflost doesn’t make sens. When could be repeat from forum. He is stupid young, and I don’t have time for this fun. Many times we played with sniegowy pracs, and mixs and then halflost didn’t see it.Strange. Last Saturday we played in 4on4 me, sniegowy and predator, so someone should be stupid to beleve halflost. Very strange .Its funny. So its not my problem but his psyche. Think really please. What benefit will have old player who’s does not have enough time to fake some other. All this situation is unpleasant for me and for all polish qw. One guy, many problems. Please really thing and will see all things again. I am admin like u but on polish site and beleve me, I know what to do to be not catching for fakeing. Its no problem to cheange ips, client, config, qw-dir. All this situation doesn’t make sens. Men who did a lot of things for qw is fakeing in 3 clans. For what? - For rule? For fun? Why u didint check ips and komputers when me(shamoth) and sniegowy played mixes and pracs. It was many times!!!! . When last sunday pleyed sham, sniegowy and predator. Ehh mens. So who then fakeing?!?!?!?!? I got u many proofs in this statement that you are thinking wrong now. All should be fair. I told u now all things I know. Why you didn’t never ask me? “hej shamoth is it true?” I would tell you the then true before this curious situation. U can ban me for this 2 or 3 times fake like predator. But I write one more time I am not sniegowy!!! “””

When admins didnt wanna contact with me and give me answer, then i traying to talk with them.

”””””””””””””””””””””””””[17:02] <[DC]shamoth> hi
[17:02] <[DC]shamoth> did u get my anser from hoora?
[17:49] <Itsinen> i have got one post yes
[17:50] <Itsinen> bbl
[17:57] <[DC]shamoth> and olso demos? screens? links?
[19:33] <Itsinen> haven't seen demos, screens and links but dunno really what they can help
[19:35] <[DC]shamoth> demos, screens, and linnks, and that, what i wrote. all these things are proofs that a true is a little difrent
[19:36] <[DC]shamoth> i wrote all about sniegowy, predator, me
[19:37] <[DC]shamoth> no aone didint knot what i faked predator (is was then. when he didnt caming)
[19:37] <Itsinen> yes i did read it, but you did also confess to faking
[19:38] <Itsinen> so what is the difference in faking and faking, not really much tbh :/
[19:39] <[DC]shamoth> difrent its fakeing for imagine person, and real person
[19:39] <Itsinen> that's true, but both breaks the same rules
[19:39] <[DC]shamoth> right
[19:40] <[DC]shamoth> but in this situation sniegowy is real and now he is aggrived
[19:40] <[DC]shamoth> i am not he!!!!!!!
[19:41] <[DC]shamoth> and he is wrongly punished
[19:43] <[DC]shamoth> that a stupid situation. Try to imegine when i would have to talk to all about my family like explain
[19:45] <[DC]shamoth> whats why i wanna talk with u about it ,not with all
[19:48] <[DC]shamoth> others person not have to be harass for my mistakes
[19:49] <[DC]shamoth> Sniegowy is real, and i have never faked him
[19:50] <[DC]shamoth> only predator (i dont remember 2-3 times)
[19:56] <[DC]shamoth> when he couldnt came
[20:01] <[DC]shamoth>
[20:01] <[DC]shamoth>
[20:01] <[DC]shamoth> Date 09/02/2010 21:19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:02] <[DC]shamoth>
[20:02] <[DC]shamoth>
[20:02] <[DC]shamoth>
[20:02] <[DC]shamoth>
[20:02] <[DC]shamoth>
[20:02] <[DC]shamoth>
[20:03] <[DC]shamoth>
[20:03] <[DC]shamoth> i can send u others screens from 4/4 mixs
[20:12] <[DC]shamoth> here u got a screen ( nubbe its halflost) all started since that time
[20:18] <[DC]shamoth> alo alo alo
[20:41] <Itsinen> well anyways, we don't do anything with your nicks on the same server since anybody can fake as anybody
[20:42] <Itsinen> we would need some kind of ip data etc from a person who isn't in any relations with you guys when you've been on the server to make this eastier
[20:43] <[DC]shamoth> so try find
[20:43] <[DC]shamoth> if u find the same ips u can find difrent olso
[20:49] <[DC]shamoth> if i woould that the situation will be like now, then i could make videos or whatever
[20:51] <[DC]shamoth> half off quakeworld people sow us together many times on qw
[20:51] <[DC]shamoth> week ago, month ago, year ago
[20:51] <[DC]shamoth> its so funny to do mistification all time!
[20:53] <[DC]shamoth> milton sow au
[20:53] <[DC]shamoth> us
[20:53] <[DC]shamoth> para sow us
[20:54] <[DC]shamoth> saw
[20:55] <[DC]shamoth> <Itsinen> well anyways, we don't do anything with your nicks on the same server since anybody can fake as anybody
[20:56] <[DC]shamoth> so u trying to say somene faked sniegowy one year, when i played with him
[20:58] <[DC]shamoth> someone faked sniegowy and predator 5 mounts ago or 1 year, for me to can i fake them all time!!!!!!!!!!
[21:26] <[DC]shamoth> alo alo
[21:41] <Itsinen> well considering that you are pals i find it really weird that you aren't like daily on the same servers, if not playing then as spec or so
[21:41] <Itsinen> and there's still just a couple of times when you've been seen together and afaik only on polish servers where we don't have any proper sources atm
[21:43] <Itsinen> same thing for you all 3 is that you have the same clients, same settings, same routing, all has changing ips (until disconnect), same computer at some point has been proved aswell, after this came out all has had it disbled to check it.. this is just a starter
[21:44] <Itsinen> you all three on a server after you knew we were investigating it again was also a funny coincident, since as i said i feel really doubtfull about almost never beeing on same server considering you are pals
[21:45] <Itsinen> i am not saying that it couldn't be true as what you are saying but still, there is no convincing proof of me beeing wrong in this case either, atleast since almost all proof seems to be against you
[21:58] <[DC]shamoth> so i said i faked predator several times so thats i had same clients, same settings, same routing, all has changing ips
[21:59] <[DC]shamoth> sniegowy is my cusin and he was mamy time in my hause so the same clients, same settings, same routing, all has changing ips
[22:00] <Itsinen> yes, but the point is that how do you proove that you aren't him all the time
[22:00] <[DC]shamoth> i saw u screens
[22:00] <[DC]shamoth> demos
[22:00] <[DC]shamoth> links
[22:01] <[DC]shamoth> i gave u alk what i find
[22:01] <[DC]shamoth> all
[22:01] <[DC]shamoth> and i repeat
[22:01] <[DC]shamoth> if i did know what u wanna ban us
[22:01] <[DC]shamoth> i woul be do screens every match
[22:01] <[DC]shamoth> take all demos
[22:01] <[DC]shamoth> etc
[22:02] <[DC]shamoth> itsinen
[22:03] <[DC]shamoth> i dont have to talk about it on forum
[22:03] <[DC]shamoth> so i wanna do it with u
[22:03] <[DC]shamoth> fast and clear
[22:12] <Itsinen> i can try to find a solution to be able to proove yourselves until next regular season but this requires quite much time and negotiations with other people
[22:13] <Itsinen> but it's nothing i can do within just some days, have no clue when i get a hold of the right people to make it happend
[22:45] <[DC]shamoth> my proofs abolish yours proofs
[22:46] <[DC]shamoth> it would be nice to do some dementi on eql site
[22:48] <[DC]shamoth> because i feel u did it not fair
[22:49] <[DC]shamoth> sniegowy is wrongly punished and machinery
[22:58] <[DC]shamoth> if u wanna ban me and sniegowy u have to do it for ever, because he wanna play and the same me i next seasons. i faked as predator ( (dont remember 2-3 times)he didnt know about it) and i apologise for this
[23:03] <Itsinen> no offence but your proof doesn't abolish any of my proofs atm tbh
[23:04] <Itsinen> and the case isn't about you not beeing banned, more about if the rest should be banned if they are different persons, so first we need to solve/get reliable proof that you aren't the same person, after that you will still be banned while if the persons excists their bans will be removed
[23:04] <Itsinen> since you have still faked, and it does still give a ban
[23:04] <Itsinen> and it's funny that only you have contacted me, not snie or pred at any level
[23:07] <[DC]shamoth> predator didint know
[23:08] <[DC]shamoth> about it
[23:09] <[DC]shamoth> sniegowy parently try contact with hooratio
[23:10] <[DC]shamoth> after this i forfent him until i will clarity it
[23:11] <[DC]shamoth> predator is sometimes active
[23:11] <[DC]shamoth> dc got contact with him
[23:12] <[DC]shamoth> but he no replay sice 1 any time
[23:12] <[DC]shamoth> so thats i faked him
[23:13] <[DC]shamoth> its logic
[23:13] <[DC]shamoth> logical
[23:14] <[DC]shamoth> I have never say thet not give me ban, i did mistake so i have get it
[23:15] <[DC]shamoth> eh men i am one of oldest qw player in pl.
[23:15] <[DC]shamoth> i dont have enought time on real life
[23:15] <[DC]shamoth> what about faking
[23:16] <[DC]shamoth> give any reason why should i faked
[23:22] <[DC]shamoth> as sniegowy 2 or 3 years
[23:25] <[DC]shamoth> remand the time when someone of u though what vega fakes as sniegowy..
[23:26] <[DC]shamoth> was funny. all scene laugh
[23:30] <[DC]shamoth> I thing that for u real profe woudl be then, when we will be on qhlan. then u could touch us then.
[23:35] <Itsinen> well that would atleast help yes
[23:36] <Itsinen> but as i said, i do think i have a solution for it but it will take some time to prepare for it
[23:36] <Itsinen> but anywys, i am off to sleep now
[23:45] <[DC]shamoth> watch demos „””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

Only Hooratyo send me email with this. When I showed him that conversation

„”” Ehh hoora. its look like someone want very very mutch baning 3 person and 2 clans
or " the admins are unerring" no matter what happend and they never dementied theirs mistakes.””””””””””””””


No clan is going to be banned.
What itsinen think is that you and snie are same person and that you faked as predator.
So he suggest to ban players shamoth, sniegowy and predator, not ban any clan.

Maybe it was a mistake not to contact you before writing the news. Im sorry for that.
But itsinen think the proof you pasted with games and demos was just to make things look ok afterwards.

It was still some strange things with hiding ip, hiding computer specifications etc.
Why didnt you tell other ppl from polish qw that sniegowy was playing from your home?

Im sorry this all had to happen. Maybe its a big misunderstanding but you still faked some games as predator.
If you didnt fake as sniegowy he should not be banned, but its hard to proove.


So then I propound them, that i will show a foto from last polish qw party. There was sniegowy and me. People whos were on party can confirm it!!!

16th this month

[16:57] <[DC]shamoth_> did u read what i wrote yesterday?
[16:57] <[DC]shamoth_> hi
[17:05] <Itsinen> yes
[17:05] <[DC]shamoth_> give me meil
[17:06] <[DC]shamoth_> i wil show u foto from party
[17:06] <[DC]shamoth_> and i will write who was there
[17:06] <[DC]shamoth_> when u can ask them
[17:20] <[DC]shamoth_> ?????????????
[17:38] <Itsinen> i will do all checks of reliability about this case with people who has nothing to do with this case
[17:45] <[DC]shamoth_> everybody who was on party saw sniegowy and me. we came together on party. I will give u a nicks who was,
[17:45] <[DC]shamoth_> they can confirm
[17:47] <[DC]shamoth_> now u dont have to do nothing
[17:47] <[DC]shamoth_> i gave u many proofs
[17:48] <[DC]shamoth_> now u can only concluding
[17:49] <Itsinen> the problem is that if it is you faking they have known about it all the time, so therefor they aren't reliable in my eyes
[17:49] <[DC]shamoth_> write oficjal demendi on eql site
[17:49] <Itsinen> let me do the check when i am able to do it
[17:51] <[DC]shamoth_> the problem is that u dont wanna fess up for mistake
[17:52] <[DC]shamoth_> halflost told u stupid things many times
[17:52] <[DC]shamoth_> i wrote why he did it
[17:53] <[DC]shamoth_> I am not faking as sniegowy!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:53] <Itsinen> if i am wrong i will admit it, but you have had no proof that doesn't come from our point of view from somebody that isn't your friend or yourself
[17:54] <Itsinen> and i do hope you will start to understand that i will make a check as soon as i get a hold of the right people, then i will also need your cooperation aswell and predators and sniegos
[17:55] <Itsinen> and i will inform you about the date and time when i know i can do some stuff to make it happend, it will include several types of checks and not all are what you would expect that they are
[17:55] <[DC]shamoth_> u have to try underrstand. i dont have time for play any games
[17:57] <[DC]shamoth_> u dont beleave me? who i am? tatter?
[17:59] <Itsinen> i am not on anybodys side here, try to understand that, but i can't just say "we have no proof but shamoth and sniegowy isn't the same person" and make it go away, hope you understand
[17:59] <[DC]shamoth_> nou u are abaseing me
[17:59] <[DC]shamoth_> yes u can say it
[17:59] <Itsinen> why would i?
[18:00] <[DC]shamoth_> everybody can do mistakes
[18:00] <[DC]shamoth_> admins are the same people like all
[18:01] <Itsinen> if i have no reliable proof then i wount say it, just as with this case in the first place, i needed several evidences to make that statement which still seem stronger imo tbh.. but i am already helping you in the way that i am giving you are chance to be able to proove that you aren't the same person and that isn't enough? if that's not enough then i have to start to think that are you now just whining so that i wouldn't help you
[18:02] <Itsinen> and i have no problem makeing a statement about you not beeing the same person as snie, but i need proof, AND I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING YET
[18:03] <Itsinen> i don't need to help you, but i am still going to give you a chance to proove yourself, so be HAPPY that i am doing that for you.. but if you keep on pushing and pushing i might lose intrest in doing that, which i would hope for your sake that i don't
[18:04] <[DC]shamoth_> so all time u trying to say that, all my proofs (demos, many stats, screns, fotos from party - many people can confirm this) are not proofs
[18:05] <Itsinen> they aren't reliable proof
[18:06] <[DC]shamoth_> For this situation many people are hates and laught for me.
[18:06] <[DC]shamoth_> but its not true
[18:07] <Itsinen> demos: anybody can fake their skill, change their type of gameplay >> stats: it's a nickstat, you can play on qwservers with whatever name you want >> fotos from party: if you and snie is the same person, these all people know about it already anyways and will back you up
[18:07] <[DC]shamoth_> and i can gently watch on this?
[18:08] <[DC]shamoth_> u tryying to say that half off polish qw players know about it?
[18:09] <Itsinen> i know the situation is shitty for you, it is for me aswell no matter what outcome, i still don't like anything about all this.. not the hfl discussions, not the discusisons with you.. i hate it all.. you understand?
[18:09] <Itsinen> well i know several cases from other countries from years ago, so it wouldn't surprise me
[18:10] <[DC]shamoth_> nobody knew about that sniegowy is my cousin!!!!!!
[18:11] <[DC]shamoth_> we are from the same city like many polish qw players
[18:11] <[DC]shamoth_> its qw . here nobody asking about your family!!!!!!!!!
[18:12] <Itsinen> yes, and that's why nobody knows anything about anything on this scene
[18:12] <[DC]shamoth_> exacly
[18:13] <Itsinen> i remember back in nqr1 or those times, had irl friend who played for koff and another clan from finland with another name, we were like 5-10 irl quakefriends that knew about it and all stuck together and didn't say anything.. still nobody knows what the alternative nick was
[18:13] <Itsinen> so fakeing in qw is really easy
[18:13] <[DC]shamoth_> but situations like this forceing to talk
[18:14] <Itsinen> i have had several prac names aswell, just so people wouldn't whine about fielding me.. but i've never done it in official games
[18:14] <[DC]shamoth_> i know!!!!!!!! i have playing this game sice 1997
[18:15] <Itsinen> so i hope that you understand that this isn't easy from an admins point of view
[18:15] <Itsinen> since this is common things we are dealing with
[18:15] <Itsinen> and it's not fun handling it, no matter what way the outcome is
[18:16] <[DC]shamoth_> but this point of view is easy and clear after what proof i gave u
[18:18] <[DC]shamoth_> ehh men. i did all what i should and could to prove u thats not true
[18:18] <[DC]shamoth_> i would not going to do anything else
[18:19] <[DC]shamoth_> in this situation u have to ban me and sniegowy for ever
[18:19] <[DC]shamoth_> because me and he wanna play in the future
[18:19] <Itsinen> as i said i have a solution to proove yourselves, but i will need time to get a hold of the right person to make it happend
[18:19] <Itsinen> but this just means that you will have to wait a while until i get a hold of the person i am trying to contact
[18:21] <[DC]shamoth_> but i dont have time to hearing from all the same thing any time
[18:21] <[DC]shamoth_> i have to write something on forum
[18:22] <[DC]shamoth_> but its pity that i must write about my private issue
[18:23] <[DC]shamoth_> ita only game, but i must write on my life
[18:23] <[DC]shamoth_> shit
[18:23] <Itsinen> tbh i don't know what you will benefit from writing something now, when everything could be "fine" in maybe a week or so
[18:37] <[DC]shamoth_> so if u dont have proofs jet " i am or not i am" u didit make post first. First u should talk with me, ask me and then accuse me.
[18:58] <Itsinen> well afaik there isn't anything that denies the proofs i have
[19:04] <[DC]shamoth_> eh but it doesnt denies that proofs what i have
[19:29] <[DC]shamoth_> so what u going to do?

So I am waiting waiting and waiting.

I think we are treated unfair by admins, me and Sniegowy too. First we were baning and after looking proofs!!! We are ridiculed now by the community, lot of laughter and irony. I feel touched by admins decision, all without discussin with me first when i cant defend my person. I wait for official apology on eql site. I demand you let me play in playoff to compenate the admin's error of judgement
2011-11-27, 18:55
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Apr 2007
the game of LIFE &#9825;&#9829;&#10084;
2011-11-27, 19:06
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Jan 2006
hehe why should you be allowed to play in playoffs? you were faking for another player in official EQL games. oranges and apples...
To me it feels like yesterday's news already, but it would be nice to get this cleared up so we can move on.

To sum it up, shamoth and snigowy are 2 different persons. and predator is a fakenick of a 3rd player that has nothing to do with either shamoth or sniegowy.

But still somehow shamoth managed to fakenick - as the other fakenicker, predator for EQL. So it's obvious admins are dumbfounded and the ip's etc. criss crossing each other.

My conclusion is that you did fake, and whatever shit storm that stirred up sux but can't be avoided. It must be up to community to accept this explanation or not - and as i said move on. We can all agree that fakenicking is lame, marvel anyone?

So lets try to get back on track to being nice community - friendly but competetive
2011-11-27, 19:10
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Jan 2006
I feel like I am retarded, but HOW ON EARTH is it a personal problem for you to inform everyone about the fact that sniegowy is your cousing and that he is going to play from the same IP / client / hardware as you? Why is it such an enormously private matter? What exactly does it tell anyone about your "life"? That he is your cousin. Period. Anything else? Hardly think so.
2011-11-27, 20:50
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Nov 2011
Did admins show to all how many times we had the same ip? (i am sure that they have maybe 1 or 2 times) or showed anything? this is only words and nothing. Everyone can change logs and copy. I gave proofs which u can see. . The truth is that they have words not real proofs. Read and think all before write something. They should let me play because they did a lot of mistakes accusing me. i have the right to demand redemption
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