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2011-07-03, 18:46
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Jul 2011

I've been trying to play megatf in singleplayer mode for some time now.

The closest I've got is running tf 2.8(love the tf 2.8 intro video) in proquake single player. Although this is fun I would love the use the megatf scout which has the bat and jetjump command (jets).

Using ezQuake I can join the online ( megatf coop and enjoy the mod but not singleplayer. When I try gamedir fortress... map start.. it doesnt give me the option to pick a class and seems stuck in classic quake mode (no mod running).

Any help/direction would be very much appreciated!


2011-09-22, 07:20
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Aug 2011
I would try sending an email to the administrator of the tasty spleen server and ask for their help as they know how to get a working server running!
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