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2011-06-18, 07:31
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Feb 2008
like topic said,, wont run,work..


The program will work but after a 5 minute wait..then i have to click the mouse to activate the program itself..

Im currently running latest version of ez..

evga 460 with drivers version.. 257.33

once inside the program I go to multiplayer and then the locks up upon updating sources.. never finishes and you have to end task to kill it..
2011-06-18, 07:45
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Jan 2006
For the multiplayer issue, check Johnny_cz's answer in another thread regarding server browser cache and outdated hostnames.

As for the long loading times and instability with win7 & ezQuake, there seems to be other people having trouble with this aswell... (thread 1, thread 2)
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