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2010-11-14, 22:21
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Jan 2006
Keyboard setups (bindings of keys to actions in the game) can be separated into two main groups:

Single fire button
Typically mouse1 (left mouse button) is bound to the +attack (fire) action and other keys (q, e, space) select weapons. So weapon is selected by one key and always fired from by the left mouse button. Typically jump is bound to the mouse2 (right mouse) button.

Multiple keys for select+fire
In this setup, buttons both select and also fire a weapon. For example mouse1 always fires from the Rocket Launcher, mouse2 fires from the Lightning Gun, etc. Typically jump is bound to spacebar.

I think vast majority of setups fit into the two categories above. But if you have some special setup that is maybe mixture of both or something completely different, don't hesitate and share it with others in the comments.
2010-11-14, 22:28
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Jan 2009
mouse 1 - rocket/ssg
mouse 2 - jump
mouse 3 - shaft
mouse 4 - gl
mouse 5 - smile spam
2010-11-14, 22:32
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Jan 2006
Q = Bind mouse1 +SG
Doubblepress Q = Bind mouse1 +SSG
F = Bind mouse1 +LG
E = Bind mouse1 +NG/SNG
MOUSE2 = Always RL
2010-11-14, 22:37
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Jan 2006
This is actually a poll. Seems like you guys didn't vote or smth.
2010-11-14, 23:03
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Jan 2006
rl, lg, gl:

mouse1: "weapon 7 5 3 2 4 1; +attack"
mouse3: "weapon 8 5 3 2 4 1; +attack"
mouse5: "weapon 6 5 3 2 4 1; +attack"

sg/ssg are toggled on the same button with scroll:

mouse4: "weapon 2 5 4 1; +attack"
mouse4: "weapon 3 2 5 4 1; +attack"

mouse2: jump
2010-11-14, 23:13
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Mar 2006
mouse1 - rl
mouse2 - jump
space - lg
mouse3 - sng/ng
mouse4 - gl
mouse5 - ssg
hold ALT - mouse1 sg
w - axe
2010-11-15, 09:10
News Writer
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Jun 2007
every weapon except gl and rl on mouse1.
so axe, sg, ssg, ng, sng and lg are selected on different keys and fired with mouse1
rl is always fired with mouse2
gl is always fired with mouse3

jump on space ofc
2010-11-15, 14:37
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Apr 2006
mouse 1 +attack
mouse 2 +jump
mouse 5 - weapon 2 1

q - weapon 8 5 3 2 1
shift - weapon 7 5 3 2 1
e - weapon 6 5 3 2 1
alt - weapon 3 2 1
5 - weapon 5 3 2 1

Something like that
2010-11-15, 15:45
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Dec 2006
Personally I use the multiple button approach.

-Very consistent in that you always know what priority order will be taken if you press a given button. You never have a situation whereby you misjudged your preselect toggle status and it fires an unexpected weapon on mouse1
-You only need 1 click to shoot a different weapon instead of 2.

-Arguably a case that mouse1 (or whatever single button you prefer) is the best for aiming with. For example if I have ssg the only way I can fire shotgun is mwheeldown which isnt ideal.
2010-11-16, 14:59
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Mar 2006
Multiple button approach, sort of. A separate button for LG, and the traditional fire on another button:

mouse1 - fire current weapon
shift - fire LG, then switch back to previous weapon

q, w, e - select gl, rl, lg

space - jump

mouse2 - forward
a, s, d - left, back, right
2010-11-16, 15:22
News Writer
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Jun 2007
heh, i could never get my movement working when mixing the shooting with the movement keys like that, firing on mouse1 while walking forward on mouse2
2010-11-16, 15:42
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Jan 2006
I have a mix of the two.

Left mouse = fire RL (or SG if I don't have RL)
Mousewheel up = sets middle mouse to fire LG (or SG)
Mousewheel down = sets middle mouse to fire SSG (or SG)
Middle mouse = fires whatever I have set it to using the wheel
Space bar = fires SNG, NG, SG in that order
Shift = fires GL
Ctrl = fires SG
, = fires axe

This way I have a way of firing any weapon if I have all 8. Then again I also have a retarded WASD setup whereby I jump with 'W'. This makes jumping backwards pretty difficult. I have tried to switch to using space to jump but I can't just get the hang of it...
2010-11-16, 16:56
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Feb 2006
Mouse1: fire RL
Mouse2: Jump
Mouse3: fire LG

Space: fire SSG

Z: fire GL
B: fire SG
X: fire nails
M: murder with axe
2010-11-16, 17:29
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Jan 2006
Selected "other" as I use a mixture of first and second.
Type 1 for shotguns (,), nailguns (n) and rl (k).
TYpe 2 for gl (alt-gr) and lg (mouse 3). Both returns to previous weapon after shooting.
+attack on m1 and jump m2
2010-11-16, 18:47
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Feb 2008
Mouse1= Fire
Mouse2 = Select GL
Mouse3 = Select RL
Shift = Select LG
Ctrl = select SSG
Q = Select SNG
F = Select SG

2010-11-30, 07:59
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Mar 2008
mouse1: RL (or fire)
mouse4: GL
mouse5: SSG
space: LG
shift: SNG / NG
2: mouse1 SG
3: mouse1 SSG
1: mouse1 AXE
q: mouse1 RL
e: mouse1 SNG

2010-11-30, 09:32
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Jan 2006
mouse1=rl. ssg, sg
space=lg, ssg, sng. ng, sg
alt=gl, ssg, sg
g9x dpi switch1=sg
g9x dpi switch2=sng


I think g9x is really good when you need multiple attacks on mouse...
2010-11-30, 14:48
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Jan 2007
mouse1: "weapon 7 3 2 1; +attack"
mouse2: "weapon 8 5 3 2 1; +attack"
click mscroll "weapon 3 2 1; +attack"
CTRL: "weapon 5 3 2 1; +attack"
SHIFT: "weapon 2 1; +attack"
f: "weapon 6 1; +attack"
2010-12-22, 10:45
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Oct 2010
Mouse1: "weapon 8 5 3 2 1; +attack"
Mouse2: "weapon 7 3 2 1; +attack"
Mouse3 "weapon 3 2 1; +attack"
Mouse4: "weapon 6 5 3 2 1; +attack"
Mouse5: "weapon 2 3 1; +attack"

I move with the arrow keys and jump with my pinkie on Right Ctrl.

2010-12-22, 16:00
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Feb 2006
mouse2 +forward
, . +strafes
altgr +back
space +jump

mouse3 +shaft
mouse1 +rl
b +gl
"" +sng's
l +ssg
n + sg
k +axe
2010-12-22, 17:29
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Jan 2006
I like that some still is using mouse2 as +forward )) Thats so 1996. hehe
Btw my setup is
Mouse1 +attack
Mouse2 +jump
weaponchange on F,E,Caps,shift,alt,space.
2010-12-22, 22:55
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Feb 2008
ok im lost on how to even set that up cause im retarted..

I do this and it doesnt quit firing bnd mouse3 weapon8;+attack

i know you can do weapon8;+attack;-attack but that just fires once wtf

I need to know the comand to bind it where you hold the button down it continues to fire instead of the top one where it fires automatically untill you run out of ammo??
2010-12-23, 00:00
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Feb 2006
Rex, you can't use +aliases with anything else in binds, that will make it stick. You have to make a new +alias.

What you want is something like

alias +rl "weapon 7;+attack"
alias -rl "-attack"

bind mouse1 +rl

And remember that you can use weapon like this "weapon 7 3 2", that way if you don't have rl it will fire ssg, if you don't have ssg it will fire sg. Hope it helps
2011-01-04, 04:12
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Jun 2006
6 fire buttons, 5 on keyboard (use pinky for 3 and thumb for 2, (alt+space)) and mouse1 for rl.

Wish there was some keyboard that instead of space had a lot of keys in it's place, i want to operate more keys with my thumb!
2011-01-04, 07:16
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Oct 2006
Shikari wrote:
6 fire buttons, 5 on keyboard (use pinky for 3 and thumb for 2, (alt+space)) and mouse1 for rl.

Wish there was some keyboard that instead of space had a lot of keys in it's place, i want to operate more keys with my thumb!

Well it's not quite what you described, but pretty close:
2011-01-30, 04:14
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Sep 2010
Main fire is mouse1 - shaft/sng/ng on mouse3, boomstick on space, single grenade on alt.
Wasd to move, mouse2 = jump, capslock = zoom

alias +shaft "weapon 8 5 4; +attack"
alias -shaft "-attack; weapon 7 3 2"
alias +pine "weapon 6; +attack"
alias -pine "-attack; weapon 7 3 2"
alias +boom "weapon 2; +attack"
alias -boom "-attack"

bind "MOUSE1" "+attack"
bind "MOUSE3" "+shaft
bind "SPACE" "+boom"
bind "ALT" "+pine"
bind "SHIFT" "weapon 8 5 4"
bind "CTRL" "weapon 7 3"
bind "f" "weapon 6"
bind "e" "weapon 3 2"
bind "q" "weapon 5 4"
bind "1" "weapon 1" (Uh. In case I want to brandish the axe)
2011-01-30, 13:14
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Feb 2009
mouse1 +lg
mouse2 +rl
mouse3 +gl
mouse4 +sg
mouse5 +ssg
shift +sng
2011-01-31, 11:23
News Writer
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Jan 2007
mouse1 +attack (essentially)
shift: RL
ctrl: instant weapon (LG)
w: GL
2: SG
3: SSG
q: SNG
2011-02-02, 19:16
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Apr 2007
MOUSE1 "+lg"
MOUSE2 "+rl"
MOUSE3 "+gr"
ALT "+best"

best:= sg,ssg,sng
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2011-02-02, 23:39
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Jan 2009
I've always wanted to be able to shaft without holding down any mousebutton but too much hassle to change my old ways, and my shaft is fairly decent as it is anyway.

I use the good 'ol fashioned mouse1 +attack and weapon select binds.

niomic wrote:
Shikari wrote:
6 fire buttons, 5 on keyboard (use pinky for 3 and thumb for 2, (alt+space)) and mouse1 for rl.

Wish there was some keyboard that instead of space had a lot of keys in it's place, i want to operate more keys with my thumb!

Well it's not quite what you described, but pretty close:

There are quite a few gaming keypads out there if you are interested in that kind of stuff.
For example
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