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Team Fortress
2010-08-31, 13:15
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Dec 2007
Hi everyone,

In case you might not have heard, the Zap MegaTF server is shutting down today, and I have opened a new server through my gracious hosts at TastySpleen. The IP address for the new server is This server will have similar settings to the Zap one, but also feature some new additions such as VWEPS, CSQC (for FTE users), and an incoming achievements system. Thanks to Codeseven for hosting out of his own pocket for the past few months and for keeping MegaTF alive. I hope you all enjoy the new server!

(PS this has no effect on Coop, only regular MegaTF)

Also, please spread the word!
2010-08-31, 22:56
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Mar 2006
thanks to avirox for hosting.

MTF's irc channel: #megateamfortress

shud prob move to quakenet?
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