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2010-06-03, 22:50
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Nov 2008
Alias: time

Skill level?: div4 (4on4)

Nationality: Spain

Ping to the most popular servers?: ~45 to Ger; ~48 to NL; ~58 to DK and ~77 to nordic Europe

At what days and times can you most likely play? All days, afternoon, night and some evenings (most weekends i'm busy with social life)

Ambition? Learning to play as a div0! Let's prac ffs.

Voice communication possible? Yes, i'm not good speaking in English, but i'm wishing to learn.

Languages spoken? English and Spanish only :<

Previous teams? QNS (played few pracs and the team fell unactive) QAH (Same as QNS, half team dissapeared we only pracced few times)


So guys, i'm looking for a REAL team, i'm tired of idlers. _ACTIVITY_. I wanna play the more the merrier, and i wanna play with people who actually knows what to do, so i can learn TDM instead of running around hoping to not get fragged like in mixes
"the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear"
2010-06-04, 08:10
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Mar 2010
Stick with mixes. Join a div3 team. Watch lots of demos. Learn to time items, predict where enemies are, and not give weapons away. Or hope that an experienced clan will take on a new player and train him up for free. Good luck!
2010-06-05, 09:34
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Apr 2010

I'm making a second team of my clan machinery. We are very active atm but need 2 - 3 more ppl for second sQUAD For now its p4le, feFFe and me but we play with guys form first team. All of us want to learn teamplay and we are not afraid of challenge . I guess Pale is most expirenced in tp. We still need someone who can teach us good tp - now we are learning by playing . We play 21 -23 cet weekdays and weekends usually on wargamez. If you're interested - you can find me on #machinery.
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