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2010-05-21, 14:26
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Apr 2010
I want to use a weaponscript that changes to the best weapon available atm and fires when i am pressing mouse1 and then changes back to sg.
I think the script should be copied into my config.
I found this:
The question now is how a script that does what i mentioned above should look like.
bind mouse1 "+what?" when using the example set of weapon scripts.
2010-05-21, 14:46
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Nov 2008
tryhard wrote:
the best weapon available atm

That's pretty subjective and depends on the situation and your own preference. Let's assume you wanna fire your RL with mouse1. You copy inside your config this:

alias +rl "impulse 7 5 3 2 4; +attack"

alias -rl "-attack; impulse 2"

bind mouse1 "+rl"

When you are writing an alias which starts by '+' this means that the commands inside the alias will be executed as long as you hold the button you bound the alias to. Then you must do another alias with the same name but starting with '-' instead of '+', and this commands will be executed once you release the aliased button. For more clarity let's do it with the +rl alias. With the code above, as long as you hold mouse1 (Bound to +rl alias), you will change weapon to RL [impulse 7(or impulse 5 if RL is not avaible etc..)] and then you'll be firing rockets (+attack), and once you release mouse1 (-rl is executed) you will stop firing(-attack) and then you'll change weapon to sg (impulse 2).
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2010-05-21, 17:56
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Apr 2010
Thanks for your reply!
Tried it and the only problem now is that i can never use the shaft (weapon 8).
Also i cannot use any other weapon than rocketlauncher if i got it and ammo for the rocketlauncher.

part of my config looks like this:

bind TAB "+showscores"
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
bind SPACE "+jump"
bind 0 "impulse 10"
bind 1 "impulse 1"
bind 2 "impulse 2"
bind 3 "impulse 3"
bind 4 "impulse 4"
bind 5 "impulse 5"
bind 6 "impulse 6"
bind 7 "impulse 7"
bind 8 "impulse 8"
bind 9 "impulse 9"
bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind a "+moveleft"
bind c "weapon 2"
bind d "+moveright"
bind e "weapon 7"
bind f "shownick"
bind q "weapon 4"
bind r "weapon 6"
bind s "+back"
bind t "messagemode"
bind v "weapon 5"
bind w "+forward"
bind x "weapon 3"
bind y "messagemode2"
bind z "weapon 8"
bind PAUSE "toggleproxymenu"
bind ALT "+zoom"
bind CTRL "+attack"
bind F1 "yes"
bind F2 "agree"
bind F3 "ready"
bind F4 "break"
bind F5 "join"
bind F6 "observe"
bind F12 "screenshot"
bind MOUSE1 "+rl"
bind MOUSE2 "weapon 1"
bind MWHEELUP "impulse 12"
bind MWHEELDOWN "impulse 10"

// //
// W E A P O N S C R I P T //
// //

alias +rl "impulse 7 5 3 2 4; +attack"

alias -rl "-attack; impulse 2"
2010-05-21, 19:50
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Nov 2008
All right, the more usefull aliases you can use are, someone for RL and another one for LG, alternatively you could also bind some keys for SNG and SSG. There's no way you could do it with just one bind, at least make 3, one for RL , other for GL and another one for LG. For example i use this settings:

bind mouse1 +lg
bind mouse3 +rl
bind mouse4 +ssg
bind mouse5 +sng

All this with the correct aliases of course. The key is, if you manage to understand how it works, you'll have no problem in doing it yourself. If you just don't understand them, you can always copy-paste this aliases inside your config: and then make bindings for each weapon you want. Exactly as you did with your +rl
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2010-05-22, 11:23
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Jan 2006
Unfortuantely you can't change weapon using mind control, so you have to prioritize what kind of weapons you want to use and how to access them.

In 4on4, if you are even remotely serious about it, you want to be able to access nearly all weapons separately. Example of my setup :

I have movement buttons on WASD so my weapon scripts are related to that + my mouse.

RL: press shift binds mouse1 to +rl quickfire
LG: press r binds mouse1 to +lg quickfire
GL: press space quickfire +gl
SNG/NG: press Q binds mouse1 to +nails (if i have both NG and SNG, shoot SNG only)
SG: press C to quickfire +sg AND bind mouse1 to +sg quickfire
SSG: press V to quickfire +ssg AND bind mouse1 to +ssg quickfire

So here you have a good setup where you can quickly access any weapon, for any situation

If you only play 1on1 or 2on2 basically you only need to concern yourself about RL/LG/GL, possibly a SG/SSG button for DM2, cause you might want to use none explosive weapons when you have quad.
2011-09-07, 08:12
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Jan 1970
Hold shift key and left click to autoattack (continues firing even after releasing mouse button)
Left click without shift key to engage regular attack (stops firing when you release the mouse button)

alias +primaryattack "+attack"
alias -primaryattack "-attack"
alias +primaryattackmodifier "alias -primaryattack +attack"
alias -primaryattackmodifier "alias -primaryattack -attack"

bind "MOUSE1" "+primaryattack"
bind "SHIFT" "+primaryattackmodifier"
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