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Strategies & Tactics
2010-04-06, 00:41
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Apr 2010
I started playing QuakeWorld around 2 months ago, but I seldom practiced. My practice was mainly jumping, and I started dueling yesterady. I had this match against trygve on DM6 and I would like some feedback on it (things I did wrong, things I need to practice, etc.) don't be too harsh, I've only had a bit of practice
2010-04-06, 09:56
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Oct 2008
Only watched 5 of the game but going to give you some tips.

first get a good weapon, you ignored the rl when you spawned at ra, that should be your first priority.

next, your jumping need some further practice and it will get better. you could try to do the jump-starter-twitch a little slower to gain the necessary speed to start the jump and maybe do it in a kind af arch (as illustrated). when you get better you will feel whats too slow/fast, dont worry, you'll get there =).


* = where you start, > = direction of jump.
at first only +forward and in the middle of the arch you also press +right, if turning right, to gain extra speed. then just let go of +forward when doing the jump, only to press +right when turning right and vice versa, but you probably already knew that =)

Try listening more where your opponent is, and try spamming some rockets/gl and see if some of them hits.

try focusing more on your opponent and not i.e the closest armor. if you're not shooting back at your opponent, putting some pressure on him, you're an easy target. try facing him all the time aswell so you could see where he is and what he does.

If you keep playing you'll get better, dont worry about it.
try doing some trickmaps to practice jumping and movement (ztrain, ztrain2, ssj, trick, zjump, ztrick, ztrick2).

good luck =)
2010-04-06, 20:58
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Jun 2006
It might help to play on a north american server if you really are from Canada. Come to / #na.qw.pickup on (IRC) and you'll find some games with 60ms or lower i bet. Currently you're playing in 135ms ping which is very difficult. The good thing is that his ping is almost the same as yours.

Your rockets / LG won't go where you want it to go in that ping. At least thats my opinion.

Ammo is really important in dm6 there were tons of times you and your opponent were running out of ammo. One of the reasons is because you're shooting the lg trap door with your rocket launcher instead of a boomstick. If the other player has a better position than you dont waste frags just run away find a good position or sneak up on him somehow. Going for LG with only 10 health when your opponent is in the mega health room is probably not a good decision most of the time.

Keep practicing and you'll get better! and #QWL | foogsQuakeWorld Ladder
2010-04-06, 21:27
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Feb 2006
fenris wrote:
Your rockets / LG won't go where you want it to go in that ping. At least thats my opinion.

That depends on what server they use, most have the fte antilag on atm.
2010-04-06, 22:00
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Jan 2006
First of all; I took the liberty to move the topic to the strategies & tactics forum.

Now, some quick feedback on your game is (with only a very brief look on what the others have written, so might be pretty much the same feedback).

Prioritize the top tier weapons harder. By "top tier" i mean rocket launcher, lightning gun and perhaps grenade launcher. With your > 100ms ping i might even suggest that you put less focus on the lightning gun as it will be hard to hit with that anyway, so your top focus should definitely be the rocket launcher - get to know the maps so you can get to the rocket launcher and its ammo (don't forget that the grenade launcher also serves as rocket launcher ammo) even when blind folded!

Prioritize the armours a lot more! Especially on DM6, which was the map that the demo was from, you should strive to get control of the red armour area and pretty much camp it. Perhaps not camp exactly by the red armour, but keep track of when it spawns (i.e. 20 seconds after it was last picked up) and keep watch by the grenade launcher during the time it's not spawning. If you're not in control, then you need to stack up on green armour, megahealth and a rocket launcher and try to do hit and run damage until you find the opportunity to take over the red armour. Never attack without armour and rocket launcher unless you think your opponent is in REALLY bad shape (i.e. he has like 5 health left, which rarely happens?).

Don't waste as much ammo as you did in the demo - make sure that every rocket (or grenade as they use the same ammo) is a well spent one. This is extra important on DM6 compared to the other standard maps as there is very little ammo available; 5 rockets from the rocket launcher (which you can't pick up a second time unless you have died), 5 rockets from the grenade launcher (which the opponent might be in control of) and then there is the 5 rocket pack by the green armour, which usually the player that is not in control of the map (i.e. red armour) has access to.

Listen to sounds to get better awareness about your opponents' whereabouts - this makes it possible to place prediction shots which will hurt your enemy before he even sees you. This makes sure you won't get surprised, and you will be better at not wasting ammo.

Time items to get an advantage on your enemy. Makes it easier to plan your game overall, knowing when to attack etc. For a start i think you should focus on timing the red armour on DM6 though, i think that will help your game alot.

A last and perhaps somewhat controversial tip would be: play to win. By this i mean that you should play defense when you have to in order to avoid getting fragged, and play offense when you really think you're at an advantage (or really need to gain frags because you're already below by a lot). It might sound obvious, but often new players play a bit naive, but if you watch demos of the really good players you will notice that they rarely give anything to their opponent for free. Usually the game will also be alot more enjoyable when winning. Don't forget to also have fun though.

Good luck in your future Quakeworld endeveaours!
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