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Strategies & Tactics
2010-01-27, 07:03
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Nov 2008
As most people know that have heard of me, I'm pretty new to the quakeworld scene. Or well, relatively new. I've been playing for SOOOON one year, which is significantly shorter time than the majority of the quakeworld scene. Either way I still consider myself a new player!

I am very dedicated to getting better and I put alot of heart in it. I don't want to be one of those fellas who's been playing for 10~ years and still don't compete among the top players. When I get into something I wanna win it. Of course I can't expect to become the very best at quakeworld, but I can expect as much from myself to be one of the stronger ones, although after a very long time. Quakeworld is most likely gonna be completely dead by the time, but I won't stop trying!

A little secret of my own is that I went to an elite-sports-school (or so they called it, Löfströms Gymnasium - elitidrott), in which we were trained daily on how to become better at your game. Most lessons were about how to generally get better at whatever you do.

Some of the things I learned there is of great help when trying to progress in becoming a good player in quake as well, because many things are similiar. It's always a little talent, but most practice. Practice, practice and more practice. But practicing blindly won't give you too much.

After every game of sports, we were to evaluate as much as we could remember from the game. This is easier done in quake, of course, as we can watch demos, pretty much like when someone filmed a game or so in sports. So naturally, I always watch e.g dueling demos in which I lose. Those are the best to watch. What did I do wrong? What did I do good? What should I bring with me into next game and what should I try to avoid? Yeah, you all know how it goes usually.

Every now and then we were given a task to evaluate ourselves in stages. Rank ourselves from 1-10 in different aspects of the game, e.g physical strength, passes, shots, whatever. We also had to name things we were good, and things we were bad at. Being honest to yourself was the key and to really think and dig as deep as you could.

Most of these things mirror into my playing of quakeworld as well, and I'm confident it helps me on the way to becoming better at the game. So I thought of a little idea to make a thread in which people could make small lists of what they're good or bad at.

So, if you think it sounds fun, name 3 different things that you are good at, and 3 different things that you are bad at. Let's keep it serious and not go like 1. im good at quake 2. im good with women 3. pwning your mom.

You choose the categories yourself. Use whatever you see fit!

I'll go first,


I am good at;

* Aiming with the lightning gun. Shaft is what makes me win games right now.
* Bunnyjumping. Countless of hours on trickmaps and on tb5 maps has helped me become a very good runner around the maps.
* Seeing through opponent 'tricks'. Not necessarily a good predicter, but it is usually pretty hard to fool me by some trademark YA-fakejump on dm4, so to speak.

I am not so good at;

* Positioning. I hardly get the chance to get that extra 0.5 seconds in an lg-fight due to worthless positioning. I am hoping this will come with experience.
* The rocketlauncher. Airgibs etc is just fine, but when in a duel or a 4on4 game my rocketlauncher comes to pretty bad use. I can improve alot here.
* Confidence. If I feel my lightning gun isn't working properly, I can easily lose my game completely. If I'm feeling that nasty feeling inside my spine that my LG isn't above 20%, I can totally lose it. You've all felt the feeling, but I am having problems regaining the confidence once it's been lost.


Here's a chance to give yourself some credit! :-) Have fun and remember to try to keep it serious and honest!

2010-01-27, 08:01
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Jun 2007
+keeping a location and save items for mates
+rocket launcher
+grenade launcher

-not very patient
-easily frustrated (adds +50 to whineskills tho)
-reading teamsays (who is stacked to take quad or other item, where everyone are and who is coming from loc)

(I am one of those who have been playing for 10+ years and still dont compete at the top btw)

I dont want to spoil your next topic but i guess it will be about improving?
2010-01-27, 09:40
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Feb 2006
+ Aggressive/Creative play gives good payout for me when on top
+ Relatively good mannered
+ Able to play without caring if i loose or play bad. (there are a few rare exceptions thou)

- Very unstable even when i play a lot
- Need to play 3hours a day to play at a level i can enjoy
- Stupid mistakes EVERYWHERE !!
- Enjoying the community to much lately so I've almost stopped playing

post 666 done ez.
2010-01-27, 13:47
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Apr 2007
Nice read Andeh!

Ive known this guy half my life, and andeh has always been a competitive unit. I remember when we sat at ur place and played warcraft 2 thru BNC connection=)

Funny is that andeh is one of those players that REALLY has evolved greatly in quakeworld, if he keeps hes phase he will compete among div1 in about a year without a doubt. he has all the components one has to have to compete at elite level, im very impressed what he has become and hes motivation to learn new things and stay in the game, KUDOZ.


+Fast movements
+Lg aim at certain maps
+Rl aim
+Reading enemy position

-hard time adapting to pings
-Timing armours and megas
-shape can differs alot when im in bad shape (those time i dont play at all)
2010-01-27, 14:20
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Oct 2008
great topic!
self evaluation and critical thinking is what makes us develop
have been playing a bit over a year and always need to improve =)

+ good movement, jumping fast is one of the main reasons i play qw so i've practiced this a lot
+ pretty good at adapting to games, keeping up with the pace
+ pretty good at predicting the opponents movements which sometimes leads to really nice frags =)

- impatient, ex. always jump right out of top-tele att dm4 ever though i know there is an opponent with shaft at shaft
- run to close to opponents in duels in stead of keeping some distance with the combination of aiming to low with rockets, which results in a lot of suicides
- doesnt take the time to practice duels and teamplay properly which leads to a lot of ffas lately, which isnt all bad (practices aim and pace)
2010-01-27, 14:46
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Nov 2008
I'm playing a bit over a year too, but sadly i started with 90ms, so it was way different to play.

+ Kinda good brain timing
+ LG it's fine, could be better in dmm3 tho
+ Agressive moves, often works as i expected ( Means moving + aiming + timing with those tactics it's fine )

- No patience at all
- I get annoyed too easily ( Almost impossible to have a comeback when i'm annoyed, i just think everything is luck, i run forward withouth brain, ... )
- Horible camping ( When it's necessary to camp, i just always get killed, so i better run +forward! )
"the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear"
2010-01-27, 15:10
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Mar 2008
+ Focused and calm (usually)
+ Decent aim and speed
+ Defensive play (reading an attacking opponent movements)

- Can 'tilt' abit too early in the game if I already think the game is won in the favor of my opponent or getting annoyed at something (usually aero rocket spam )
- Too passive in some situations
- Changing hardware / config settings too often
2010-01-27, 15:12
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Jan 2006
+ LG
+ Small creative tricks to fool your enemy and get a free frag.
+ Reading your opponent. Sometimes I feel I know what the other guy is going to do before he even knows it himself.
+ Reading the game. I feel like I always have a good idea of the situation on the map generally. (And it's frustrating to watch players on the same team who just don't have a clue...)

- Starting speed. Some people gain incredible speed with one or two jumps which allows them to do things I can't.
- Trick jumps. I can't do any kind of trick jumps.
- Reading messages. Now how do you read and play at the same time? A mystery.
- Timing items. Can't do math while playing.
2010-01-27, 15:51
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Jan 2006
my turn:

+ timing items
+ map control perception
+ weapon choosing

- lg aim
- movement

basically this is it i think
focused practice makes perfection
never argue with an idiot. they'll bring you back to their level and then beat you with experience.
2010-01-27, 16:23
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Oct 2009
+ LG i guess...
+ 1on1 exp from prev games
+ no matter how much im raged i wont whine at opponent

- Confidence
- Keeping cool when losing (lose a lot of games via this)
- Tricks
2010-01-27, 18:32
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Dec 2006
+assisting other players in attacks (greets to manu, ayv, and zoef - dream teammates from an understanding pov)
+ztndm3 ffa
+'freestyle' twitch shots in unusual situations, as opposed to routine shots at a given pixel on the map
+interpreting information (mashup of deathmsgs, teammsgs, sounds etc). This helped a lot for commentary in the days before moreinfo and teamoverlay!
+general perception of what is required from the team at any given moment (not that I can always execute or communicate that well - mm3 helps)

-trick jumps
-learning new maps
-patience; I feel like waiting in the same area for longer than 10s is a wasted opportunity (so e.g. I'll go to get health and then come back), but sometimes waiting is what is required
-dm2 routine... I just don't have any, and always run out of rockets, or arrive places seconds too late, and get owned in fights around quad
-adapting playstyle to modern QW... what worked for me 5 years ago isn't so great now
2010-01-27, 18:48
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Jan 2006
+ LG Aim (not Top Level but enough to do serious dmg)
++ keeping cool and focused in nearly all situations
+ Timings

- RL Aim
- getting control back (dont know what to do where to go sometimes)
- tactics
2010-01-27, 19:10
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Sep 2007
+movement, i feel very comfortable maneuvering around pretty much all maps.
+awareness, a general understanding of where i'm at in a game.
+annoying, i try very hard to undercut enemy attempts of becoming a threat, be it trying to get away with a weapon or trying to set up an attack on an area.

-reading binds, i have a feeling i will never master that, thank fuck i onks mumblee ;p
-patience, i rarely run away from fights or retreat as i maybe should have done many times over.
-stubborn, when i decide i want to do something it usually takes many deaths for me to take the hint i probably shouldn't be trying it.
2010-01-27, 19:56
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Nov 2008
+ Best player at everything.

- Everyone cheating to beat me.
2010-01-27, 19:57
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Jun 2007
I thought that would come much sooner
2010-01-27, 22:17
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Nov 2008
Looks like there's a lot of people with serious lack of patience ( Myself included )
"the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear"
2010-01-27, 23:15
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Feb 2006
Still waiting for milton's evaluation only including "+ being milton"
2010-01-28, 09:58
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Jan 2007
+ teamplay - reading binds, communicating situations, and moving around map accordingly
+ RL aim
+ desire / attempts to improve team / teammates

- LG aim
- too much +forward out of desire for excitement rather than win
- non-tb5 mapknowledge
2010-01-28, 13:20
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Nov 2006
+ Strong when in control
+ Knowledge of what enemies are doing and what they have (which results in traps etc which usually result in -> I don't have any weapons and frags but lots of rl kills)
+ Knowledge of what I am capable of and what I aren't

- Quad timing
- No motivation for properly serious qw gaming
- Not able to get rid of bad routines
2010-01-28, 14:52
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Dec 2009
+ timing RA

- everything else
2010-01-28, 15:32
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Oct 2009
thanks to the 7 years of competitive q3 stuff is coming quickly for me in qw, but still a long road ahead

+ general aim/movement/creativity
+ awareness/analysis/evaluation of my mistakes/or of the solutions i can see in other players to ultimately fix my errors
+ teamplay/quick grasp of team strategy
+ pressuring an opponents advantage
- ability to reverse a map and/or learning to locate the problem quickly so that a lock can be achieved or maintained < trying to work on this most of all at the moment.
- lack of tb3 routine due to my short playtime in qw, although this has benefits too because it means that i won't have some of the worked in bad habits that others suffer from.
- the first rocket in a rocket fight is really important, and that's a weakness for me atm too
- en_karl / altering my hud too much / playing when i don't feel like it causing me to play terrible which is a bad way to prac :<
2010-01-28, 17:39
News Writer
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Sep 2006
+ Offensive play
+ General awareness of the current situation (spawn times, enemy locations, teammates etc.)
+ Movement

- LG vs. LG fights
- Using shotgun too much with quad. In many situations it would be better to get rid of those 0/100 spawn guys with rocket instead.
- Most of the time too lazy to play slowly and carefully and dying a lot because of it.
2010-01-28, 18:02
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Feb 2006
+ i own

- i suck

working on the 'suck' part right now.
2010-01-28, 18:21
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Mar 2008
+ i have qw installed

- or + i dont really care to win or loose, nice actions are more important for me

- hardware
2010-01-28, 20:07
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Mar 2006
+ tight aggressive game
+ rl aim
+ moving

- LG
- lack of patience sometimes vs cs players
- weak 4on4 game
- lazy to improve
2010-01-29, 16:31
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Nov 2008
Some great answers so far. And thanks to Locke <3 who believes in me! ^.^

Trust me, if the people who evaluated themselves here were to focus a bit extra on their minuses, and give themselves extra credit for their plus, even a player like Milton could get better : ) I wasn't sure Milton was actually gonna find any minuses from his own part but obviously he feels he can improve as well.

Remember - everyone can improve :-) Even if you've been playing for 14 years you can still get better. So I officially counter what ParadokS said in some interview. There's no limit of how good you can be. Milton has become close to it, due to hardly making any mistakes, but appearently he can improve as well!

2010-01-29, 17:23
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Jan 2007
Of course Milton knows / can find his minuses! If he wasn't good at figuring them out then he wouldn't be as good as he is today. Having watched so many demos from his pov it was great to read what he thinks are his minuses, and although I don't notice #1 (don't concentrate enough to) and #3 (too entertained to analyse), #2 rings a bell as something I thought of when seeing fresh spawners hit a couple of sg shots before being quad boomsticked.

Great thread! Want to hear from more div0's...
2010-01-29, 20:16
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Feb 2006
+ boring rls to teammates
+ stealing items
+ sng aim
+ gl luck

- slow reactions
- movement in fights
- rl vs rl fights
- lg aim

Probably my biggest problem is ~20% success rate in rl vs rl fights (all else being equal), which makes playing a bit frustrating sometimes.
2010-01-30, 11:57
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Jan 2006
+ Experience
+ Offensive/defensive playing
+ Aim/movement
+ Awareness

- Inconsistent
- Positioning
- Timing
- Dropping too many weapons sometimes
2010-01-31, 12:40
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May 2007
+ General aim
+ Movement
+ Awareness

- Very, very inconsistent
- Bad nerves/myself being my worst enemy
- Often passive
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