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Strategies & Tactics
2010-02-12, 18:18
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Nov 2007
+ everybody underrates me...

-...but not without reason

cheat 2 win!
2010-02-12, 18:49
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Aug 2009
Just played with bots during the last 6 months, started playing online for like 3-4 days with nickname REV.

+pretty good movement
+unpredictable: i always try to do the less predictable thing that comes to mind, changing direction all the time and such... most of the times i'm
getting fragged but sometimes it pays off, i got some nice ninja frags by being sneaky
+decent prediction: too bad i can't make use of it because of my aim
+ I don't mind if I lose

- CONFIG ( I started to play with moveleft and moveright bound to mouse1 / mouse2, i have rl on ctrl and lg on tab; works fine when moving but it gets difficult in some situations, i found it very hard trying to change to wasd or something similar and shooting with the mouse)
- tricks ( my config makes some tricks very difficult to do, or so i think)
- weak spawn frags routine (mostly because of my aim)
- used to play bots too much
- confidence ( i was so surprised when i actually won my first game online, it wasn't against a good player but i thought i would be owned anyway)
- nerves ( especially in tight games when i think i actually have a chance to win)
- lack of patience ( i hear a voice telling me "do this and you'll end up getting fragged", but I do it anyway
- probably lots of other "-" that don't come to mind right now
- did i mention AIM ???
2010-02-12, 19:19
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Feb 2010
I am also pretty new to QW, starting at about mid '09. Wish I could say I am improving as much as you are but I think I am coming a long pretty nicely.

+Rocket aim. Not great, but it is pretty much the only thing I have right now
+Pretty well mannered, I think

-Map control. Can't time to save my life...
-I lose hope easily... when losing badly, I'll often +forward and basically give my opponent frags.
-Confidence. This can go with the above, but thought I'd give it it's own spot
-I am an idiot. Problems that arise from this should be obvious

Also, I think play pretty defensively(aside from when I lose hope/will) Not quite sure if this is good or not...
2010-02-19, 20:04
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Jan 2007
+ bestest wiggles
+ sociable, always saying hoi to people
+ friendly, i smile even when i get killed 6 times in a row by a quadpussy
+ gorgeous quakedress
+ cool leet mousie

- i not strafe
- i not rocketjump
- i not bunnyhop
- i talk too much
- i think quad is for girls
- i can be totally annoying when i camp (only 2 maps where i do that, if i play them) and have the utmost fun for it
*** ***
2010-03-07, 04:56
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Dec 2009
Yes my turn now:

+Aim:I have pretty decent aim for a beginner (i think)
+The love of the game

-Confidence:Im like the sole beginner here more or less and I want to be good without playing which is impossible lol
-Movement: Cant do bunnyhopping (actually idk nobody told me if my bunnyjumping was ok)
-Game reading: Im really a beginner
-Help:The only player i find in north america is foogs or fenris lol
-Ping: Play in Swedish server from Canada and that's what you get
-Total beginner:Had a total 5 hours of practice in about 3 months

Anyone has comments on this PM me please
2010-08-09, 13:48
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Feb 2009
Time for a revival!

+ Offensive play
+ General aim
+ Creativity
+ Awareness (teammsgs/death msgs/item timings.)

- Too offensive sometimes, jumping into spam etc.
- Thinking that I'm invincible when quadrunning.
- DM2 patience.
- Whining in mm3.
- Trying to shoot through walls with RL because I think I'm playing cs.

2010-08-09, 14:33
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Nov 2007
usually on dm3 in every 5 minutes i feel myself so powerfull that i think that i can harm penta guy too.... O_o
cheat 2 win!
2010-08-12, 10:09
News Writer
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Sep 2006
+ LG aim
+ ambushes and sneaky style
+ generall awareness and map knowledge
+ defensive playing

- movement
- RL aim
- SNG needs to improve too
- inconsistency
- reading team chat
- no patience, sometimes I spam to much
2010-08-12, 21:42
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Sep 2007
- shooting
- moving
- thinking

+ everything else
2010-09-27, 08:41
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Sep 2009
I am trying my best not to work atm so I am searching these boards for stuff I can reply to Very cool thread btw.

+ Positioning. I think I have a good idea of what tactical areas to control at what times.
+ Sharing items with teammates. I like to share armors with my teammates or give items to the ones that needs it the most (or are better with it).
+ Reading messages. Habit of never having used mm3 except at QHLAN.

- Impatient when saving a backpack. I am a bit too scared when saving a backpack as a result of so many times when trying to save it got me killed.
- Don't like going to pent. I guess it is related to above: I always seem to die when trying to go for pent so my defensive nature tells me to just avoid it.
- Can go on tilt. This happens especially in duels. If things don't go my way, I don't stay true to my defensive style and I will go even faster, giving away even more frags.
- RL aim/end. Omfg I suck at end. Actually, I don't know if it's because I am easy to hit (poor dodging) or because I am poor at hitting others or both. I always do seem to end up in the lava so much...
2010-09-27, 14:17
News Writer
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Mar 2006
+ movement esp on dm6 and dm3 my high sens is an asset allowing me to do some funny stuff others cannot
+ LG aim (maybe 2 years ago when I played more than once a month)
+ I know what has to be done (timing items, spawn strategy)
+ ninja skills (I can be at ra even if you think I cannot)
+ teaching beginner ideas (see my youtube channel at youtube "quakephil"

- movement on special jump maps like ztricks, for some reason I can do the hard stuff in 1on1/2on2/4on4 maps but not on the nerdcore maps
- terrible at teamplay (know when quad will spawn, but don't go to get it anyway (although if I force myself, then I'm good at tp))
- LG aim (now that I'm inactive it suxxxx so bad.. from 40% to 25%!)
- LG+RL combo because I use dumb sensitivity script which halves sens during LG :>
- I know what has to be done, but I don't always do what has to be done
- always subconsciously nervous, sweaty armpits after 5 mins of quake, etc (although I can play hours of TF2 and not break any sweat)
- play to win
2010-09-27, 14:51
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Dec 2006
Just as a point of interest (and in relation to the discussion of how much of QW skill is down to training on the main page), how many people who have posted in this thread have worked on improving their weaknesses since then?
2010-09-27, 15:11
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Nov 2008
I certainly have! I believe that my game has improved extremely much since I wrote this post. I'm especially not that easily beaten on Aerowalk and dm4, where I've improved very much!

Perhaps a new thread could be done to see if someone else feels that they have improved? I'll think about that.

2010-09-27, 15:14
News Writer
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Mar 2006
Not I. That would require me to place more time into actively playing quake, which I am currently unable to do
2010-09-27, 16:16
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Feb 2006
Haven't tried to improve since 2005. Just not enough playtime by playing only clan games.

Early this year I was looking to play more, but soon got bored after trying some mixeds and with no league going.
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