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2009-11-30, 19:05
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Mar 2006
Renzo wrote:
Minping rules should be revised. Due to cl_earlypackets the difference between pings can be considerably smaller than it has been before. So 13ms (with 12ms avg ping to a server) vs 25ms (14ms avg ping to a server) is more or less equal, unlike in the past.

So basically you should probably allow something like 12ms vs 25ms, 25ms vs 38ms and so on, but not pings that are two hops higher, like 13ms vs 38ms, 38ms vs 64ms and so on.

Thanks for your input. Please discuss any changes to "rules" to someone with more clout, like admins of EQL. I will not be the one to introduce changes, they will. I only copy and paste. For purposes of this tournament, anywa, these rules are only to appease those who want it in "writing", whatever "it" is -- they are suggestions.

All these rules will be overridden by the one rule:

Do not piss me off.

2009-11-30, 19:33
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Jan 2008
c: Zepp
s: meshuggah
com: gonna try to avoid last place
2009-11-30, 20:31
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Jan 2006
cap: bps
side: locust
comments: team leif
Join us on
2009-11-30, 21:45
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Nov 2008
If spots left I'd love to play - will get a mate but if more quality players want to take the spot go ahead don't want to steal spots from great players

2009-11-30, 21:45
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Feb 2009
cap: en_karl
side: xero
comments: tjugotusen
2009-11-30, 21:50
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Mar 2007
cap: pericles
side : mm
comments : team sega
2009-12-01, 10:56
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Oct 2009
cap: ddk
side: snapcase

comments: hi mom!!
2009-12-01, 11:18
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Feb 2006
throw some kenya in there? maybe allow a2, cpm3-2v2, four, pkeg1, vdm3v3 in a bonus pool and limit each team to 1 pick from that pool per bo5.
2009-12-01, 13:30
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Apr 2007
They asked in order to add them for competition:
cap: chmiel
side: thunder
comments: team revolution < in pl
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2009-12-01, 18:04
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Oct 2007
this looks great, when does it start ?
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