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Strategies & Tactics
2009-06-26, 13:06
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Okay, there might be a lot of people that generally know how to play clan arena, but for everyone else that is new, this is a good place to start.

In clan arena, everyone starts by selecting a team either blue/red. Everyone begins with the same amount of armor and health, and you get all weapons with designated ammo depending on pub play or competition play. Best of 9 is usually the standard set of play or first to win 9 rounds. All players are spawned randomly throughout the map. The way to win is to kill all opposing enemy members from the opposite team each round so that your team can win the series.
You don't take damage from youself or your teammates so rocketjump all you want.

Strategy. There are many different ways to
outsmart the enemy, some methods are simple and some require good coordination between you and your teammates. I will list a few different strategies that I encourage you to try, cause the other teams will!

* The basic strategy.

The most basic strategy in clanarena is to meet up with all your teammates in one place before the round begins and stick together, this will ensure that if any enemy attack, they they sure will second guess themselves and either run away or face the consequences of getting killed.

* 2x2 or 2x1 YA/Window area strategy.

The 2x2 depends on 4on4 play and the 2x1 on 3on3 play.

This strategy is very effective and requires more teamplay to succeed.

The way this works is that you have 2 players guarding an area such as YA in dm3, and have the remaining player(s) watching the Window area. If the game is 3vs3, the player in the Window area has got to be really effective in covering the multiple entrances by himself. There are 3 areas where the enemy can come: the Quad Entrance, the pent Window and the Bridge Below Entrance. He also needs to watch YA-area where his teammates are and get there really quick if the enemy decides to attack.
The red dots (1st picture) indicate all the spots the player assigned to that spot must look out for. In addition, this strategy is good because if the player at window gets caught in a fight and might be outnumbered, the player's team can quickly come out from YA through Tele and help out.
Also another good strategy for that player in the window area is to stand on ledge (2nd picture) and act as a decoy. If the enemy attacks he can jump down to pent and spam the window area to avoid having the enemy jump out and attack.
While the enemy is distracted, have some of your team members teleport to the window area to fight the enemy. When that is happens, the player outside should be able to do the pentlifts to window rocketjump and help out the teammember(s) fighting the enemy. If done correctly, with the right timing, the consequences will be deadly for the enemy.

Copy pasted from fusion ca site, written by Claw!
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2009-06-27, 09:00
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Does someone play with such qw settings?? I think I could die if I tried using that gamma
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