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2009-06-18, 20:55
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Feb 2006
!phil wrote:
gta 4

After GTA:SA, GTA IV was a disappointment for me. Boring plot without the humour of the predecessors. Also kb+mouse support was worse than in SA for some reason.
2009-06-19, 08:19
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Jul 2007
Some of my favs, not necessarily in this order:

gta 2 (yes 2)
Diablo 2
NFS3: Hot Persuit
Q1, Q3, Q4 1.3
Doom 1, 2, 3
Farcry 1

Ignition (funny racegame):
Screamer 2 (arcade oldie):
Supreme Snowboarding (this was/is such a cool boardgame):
- racing:
- halfpipe
- this guy is a freak and finds extreme shortcuts by jumping outside of the course:
2009-06-19, 14:13
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Mar 2006
Kalma wrote:
!phil wrote:
gta 4

After GTA:SA, GTA IV was a disappointment for me. Boring plot without the humour of the predecessors. Also kb+mouse support was worse than in SA for some reason.

i played all the gta (beginning from top-down 2d gta that looked like it was written in qbasic) and gta:sa used to be my fave but gta 4 is so much better -- more realistic and better guns and better vehicles. all that is missing is a true dashboard view. of course if gta:sa had the kind of detail of gta4, then it would be best because of the scale...

and yes i am fully aware of the controller problems, especially the bugged wheel support which is ultra sad face and of course lack of mouse steering
2009-06-20, 10:39
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Mar 2008
1. qw-q1
2. Starcraft-broodwar
3. Dungeon keeper 1
4. Morrowind
5. Baldurs Gate series
6. Diablo 1
7. GTA series
8. Counter Strike (especially resident evil mod)
9. Vampire: Bloodline
10. Blade of darkness
11. Kotor series
2009-09-15, 12:18
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Jan 2006
1. Quakeworld
2. Duke Nukem 3D
3. Starcraft
4. Warcraft 3
5. Death Rally
6. Doom2
7. Unreal (the first)
8. Mario kart 8bit
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2009-09-15, 13:07
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Feb 2006
1. Mario Bros 3, Mario kart
2. Zelda Ocarina of Time
3. Quakeworld
4. Diablo series
5. Silent Hill 2
6. Nhl series
7. Doom
8. Contra
9. Sc:bw
10. Street fighter
11. Shadow of the colossus
12. FF9
13. Half-life

for now
2009-09-15, 15:28
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Mar 2006
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 (dendy)
Leisure Suit Larry 7
Fallout 2
2009-09-15, 16:49
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Mar 2008

1. Super Mario Bros. 1 (NES)
2. Planescape: Torment (PC)
3. Baldur's Gate II (PC)
4. Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)
5. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)


1. QuakeWorld (PC)
2. Diablo II (PC)
3. Worms 2 (PC)
4. Heroes 3 (PC)
5. FlatOut 2 (PC)

edit: forgot about D2!
2009-09-19, 19:20
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Sep 2009
1. Super Metroid
2. QW
3. Super Mario Bros
4. Starcraft
5. Half-Life(singleplayer)
6. Monkey Island(whole series)
7. Gran Turismo(whole series)
8. GTA 1
9. Guitar Hero
10.Sonic (the ones released on megadrive)
2009-09-20, 08:26
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Jan 2006
1. QW
2. WOW
3. COD4

That's basically what I play
nah making that list is making favourite film list, too many would share the same spot
I'm gonna pass and enjoy watching other peoples lists
2009-09-20, 08:53
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Apr 2007
1. Clive Barker's Undying
2. Background
3. Tomb Raider (all collection)
4. Command & Conquer Red Alert
5. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

4.Warcraft 3 frozen throne
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2009-09-20, 16:47
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Sep 2009
In no particular order:

Super Mario World 1 & 2 (2 = Yoshi's Island) on the SNES
Zelda 3: A Link To The Past on the SNES (or the complete Zelda series)
Silent Hill on the PS2 i think?
Quake 1 on the PC
HalfLife on the PC
Monkey Island series on the PC
Day Of The Tentacle on the PC
Grim Fandango on the PC
Resident Evil series
Call of Duty 4 Xbox360/Ps3/PC
2009-09-20, 21:14
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Jan 2006
Diablo 2
Monkey island (whole series)
grim fandango
Gran turismo (all)
PES <3
Red alert 1
Day of Defeat b3.1

hopefully diablo 3 will be as good as d2
2009-11-21, 19:27
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Sep 2009
Well the ones I can think of right now (no particular order):

Street Fighter 2 (SNES)
Final Fantasy VI (SNES)
Final Fantasy VII (Playstation)
QuakeWorld (PC)
Quake 3 (PC)
Starcraft (PC)
Diablo II (PC)
Braid (Multi format)
MGS 1 (Playstation)
UFO: Enemy Unknown (PC) (doubt any of you have even heard of this game :p)
Catlevania: Symphony of the night (Playstation)

edit: I guess there were a few people that knew about UFO 8)
2009-11-21, 19:37
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Apr 2006
In no particular order (Except for qw)


Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (CHESTO!)

System Shock 2 (You are never safe, and you know it)

Thief 2: The Metal Age (A far better stealth game than Metal Gear Solid, as well as a much less laborious method of telling a story by using overheard conversations, diaries and letters instead of 12-hour cutscenes.)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Great storybook atmosphere and really fun, flowing platform gameplay. The sequel sucked)

Planescape: Torment (Best writing and branching storyline in any game ever made)

[edit] Archaik: X-Com for life![/edit]
2009-11-22, 09:30
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Sep 2007
NeFuRii wrote:
Archaik wrote:
UFO: Enemy Unknown (PC) (doubt any of you have even heard of this game :p)

I just can't help myself here. I think this game is quite famous, and even if not everyone, then most had hear of it .
Also, some people not only heard about it, but :

Admins can you please remove this spam? DD

Anyone that was a fan of this UFO game should check that url. Nefurii is doing some nice work
2009-11-22, 23:56
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Feb 2006
That does indeed look awesome, I love UFO - played that shit for hours as a kid, tried it recently and that shit is hard
2009-11-23, 09:24
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Oct 2009
in no particular order, single player, taking on the account the times the game appeared and what kind of expectiations you got then. Of course now I expect from some games more than years ago. Netherless this is the list of games that influenced my game experience
Wolfenstein 3D for the first 3d like world
Duke Nukem 3D - for the humor
Quake - for first real 3D experience amond pseudo 3d games around (well after duke 3D ;P )
F.E.A.R for fantastic sound
Ghost Recon / Rainbow Six / Operation Flashpoint - for the realism/complexity.
COD4 for movie-like experience in single player, although with some glitches
Half-Life based games mainy for the fantastic metamod + AmxMod/AMXXMod - with that tool all games become something comletelty different
Alien vs Predator - for the adrenaline.

Starcraft - for the Aiur ;D
Incubation - got me sucked in really good on 3DFX ;D
Ufo Enemy Unknown and Terror From The Deep
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Syndicate - it still looks awesome!
Master of Orion 2

Frontier Elite 2, man this game on that time wasjust mind blowing
X-Wing vs Tie Figher -
Archimedean Dynasty - there are space shooter/trader games, but this one is underwater, with really nice main plot.
LHX - chopper simulator
Comanche 4 - for the unique rendering engine and playability.
F117A/F19, i can add here Abrams and A10 Tank Killer here - for first good simulators of slight
Strike Commander - F16 on the loose, skirmishes are giving adrenaline
Mechhwarrior series - well you don't know whats mechwarrior then you have lost the game
Descent 2 - for the truly 3D maps where most people were just puking after some play

Robokill - flash game

Games that I know are good but will rahter not gonna play:
Grim Fandango
Monkey Island
Eve Online - because I am fan of 3D shooters/trading games i just fear of addicting to it. I've know some people that plays that and how it changed their lives :/
2009-12-15, 14:33
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Jan 2006
_KaszpiR_ wrote:
Wolfenstein 3D for the first 3d like world
Duke Nukem 3D - for the humor


Ufo Enemy Unknown
Syndicate (syndicate 2 sucked)

X-Wing vs Tie Figher
LHX - chopper simulator
Comanche 4
Strike Commander
Mechwarrior 1
Descent 1 and 2

I took those which i liked from your post.
and I add some new ones, taking the chance of forgetting a zillion:

Before Quake:
dune 1 and 2
microprose's grand prix 1
all sierra, lucasarts adventures (point and click)

After Quake
unreal tournament (great weapons)
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2009-12-15, 18:58
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Dec 2008
Hard to remember now... and all games divided by years of live.
So i sorted them by time, that i devoted them it their time


0. World of warcraft
1. Quakeworld
2. Duke Nukem 3D
3. Descent 2
4. Starcraft
5. Warcraft 3
6. Bomberman (zx-spectrum)


1. Dungeon Keeper 2
2. Morrowind: Oblivion
3. Far cry
4. Diablo 2
5. Heroes
6. NFS 4
7. GTA: Vice city
8. Dizzy 6 (zx-spectrum)
9. Elite (zx-spectrum)
10. Cryon Physics deluxe - my servers and demos collection since 1999 via ftp :>
2009-12-15, 19:32
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Jan 2006
I'll start with the zx spectrum (first computer)

Chaos (so much fun.. and it was free!)
Rebelstar 1+2 (Ditto)
Skool Daze + Back 2 Skool

Championship Manager '93 (Amiga, pretty much the only game that was ever loaded on my A1200. Worms gets a deserved mention too)
Syndicate also amiga

Super Mario Kart (SNES many hours playing battle mode, and doing super cup with every character, natch)

A few PC gems

Quake (duh..)
Dungeon Keeper
UFO + Terror From The Deep (so hard to finish yet so much fun)
Jagged Alliance 2
X-Wing Series (Tie Fighter especially.. best flight sim ever)
Red Alert 2 (multiplayer only)
Doom 1 + 2
Theme Hospital
Duke Nukem 3D
Carmageddon (first one)
F.E.A.R (first one, second is meh)

I'll add GTA San Andreas for the XBox too although the flying missions sucked.

Probably some I've missed
2009-12-27, 22:58
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Feb 2006
Street Fighter

singleplayer: too many to count
i loved quest games especially.. Day Of The Tentacle, Monkey Island, Sanitarium, Broken Sword
god damn hippies >_<
2010-05-24, 12:50
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Dec 2009
1. QW (duh.)
2. Team Fortress 2
3. Super Smash Bros Brawl
QWing since 2002
2010-06-22, 09:33
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Jun 2010
:cool: Not Bad... :cool:
I see alot of good games here, but so many were missed, so here it goes

Ataria- River Raid, Ghost Buster, Pong'how could u people forget pong...', frogger, pacman
Nintendo- mario bros, zelda, contra, castlevania, maniac mansion, river city ransom, metriod, bad dudes, ninja gaiden, and of course Final Fantasy 1, and 2, a boy and his blob, spy vs spy,metal gear 1,2, renegade, kung fu, double dragon, captain buck o hare and of course who framed roger rabbit, dr. mario. infertrater, yoshis cookies, trog, solsice "has to be hardest game ever" ghouls & ghosts. and mike tyson punchout.
also batman and superman. also duck tales, and resue rangers. the simpson game, adams family and finnaly Gauntlet.
Super Nintendo- super mario world,zelda link to past,star fox, final fantasy 2,3, super metriod, f-zero, mario kart, secret of mana, earthbound, evermore or something, shadowrun, super scope six "LOL", battle toads, SUPER double dragon, crono trigger, rockos modern life, and super ghouls and ghost, also super mario RPG, and mystical ninjas, adams family. - Festers Quest, ahhh zombies ate my neighbors, and diddy kong quest - dk country. and breath of fire 'all of em',legaia, and the game with 4 heros.. maxus was a char.. oh yeah last one i mention, Lufia and Lufia 2. and mario paint.
n64- zelda ocarina- and mask of majora, mario 64 - paper mario, golden eye, mariokart 64, castlevania 64. starfox 64. super smash bros, quest 64, bomber man, goeman's quest, wave race, yoshis island, quake 64, duke 64, pilot wings 64, resident evil 2, conkers bad fur day, banjoo kazooie, and Donky Kong 64.
Gamecube- metriod, super smash bros, resident evil 4, f zero, and soul calibur with link from zelda.
Sega- Sonic, Shadowrun again, LandStalker, Booger Man, earthworm jim,toejam and earl, beavis and butthead, black throne, aliens, sonic and knuckles, mutant league football and hockey, lost vikings 'also on snes' and Shining force 1 and 2. Final Fight, Streets of Rage,Vex, and Bubsy.
Sega Cd- Night trap, Snacther, Sonic, some sewer type flying game... descent maybe, Dune, Wing Commander, Lunar entertal blue and lunar moon, phanstay star.
Sega 32x - nascar, wolf 3d
Sega Saturn- Virtrual Fighter, Nights, Aliens
Sega Dreamcast - Blue Stinger, RPG Dungeons, Sonic, Grandia 3 "rpg" Marvel vs Capcom, resident evil - code veronica
3d0 - some detective games - real time content, bonk
neo geo - bonk 2
ps1 - chrono cross, ff7-ff9, star graditor, soul calibur, metal gear solid, legend of dragoon, final fantasy tactics, soul reaver, legacy of kain, wwe just bring it, techno's deception, kings field 'all of them', lemmings 'yes lemmings' blazeing dragons, gta vice city and resident evil. persona, eve, arc the lad. and probally the best one next to ff7, is Sukoden, also Star Ocean. and Myst.
ps2 - scarface, gta san andreas, wwe smackdown 'all'. gun, red dead revover, metal gear snake eater, obsure 2, ff 12, rayman, mortal kombat armeddon, baldurs gate 2, summoner, rune viking warlord, maximo, red faction 1 and 2, soul calibur 2, xeno saga, star ocean, kindom hearts 1 and 2, arc 'end of darkness. and twilight of spirits', Dark Cloud, Devil may cry, Jade Cocoon, Yu Gi Oh duest of roses, Magna Carta, and Tenchu wrath of heaven.. lets not forget the Hitman series, wild arms, mafia, god father, leisure suit larry maga cum, starwars, lord of rings2, tomba. tomb raider, and deus ex.
ps3 - ff13, little big planet, silent hill 4, rockband 3, mafia 3, god father 2, gta 4 and modern warfare 2
xbox - halo, ninja gaiden, soul calibur 3, Fable 1 & 2, morrowind, and sonic heros
xbox 360- gear of wars, afraid of dark, halo 3, red faction 3, and borderlands, bio shock, and red dead redem.
pc- "goin to keep this one simple" ok.. quake, hexen, duke 3d, shadowwarrior, dungeon keeper, empire games, starcraft, diablo 1 & 2, Return to Zork, Disc World 1 & 2, Myth, Sacifice, Black and White, Leasuire Suit Larry 7 'the the rest' Tribes, Red alert, Graal online, Ultima online, well of souls, furcadia, quake teamfortress, tf2.. left 4 dead, modern warfare, battlefront, battlefield, metal of honer, starwars, call of duty, Wolf 3d, everquest, world of warcraft, newground games, adult swim games, also Knights of Xentar 'xxx rpg' and Unreal Tourment.

Hehe, I have played alot of stuff folks, hope you enjoyed the time I put into this...
til next time, same bat station, same bat channel....
2010-06-22, 10:13
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Jan 2009
Mortal Kombat 1 Arcade version, "Mame" Emulator for example.

forget all console versions, on mame at "hard" you have somthing realy extreme to stand.
2010-06-22, 17:30
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Jun 2007
Outcast is my favourite action-adventure of all time. Underrated, amazing game that outclass N64 Zeldas imo (finished both)
2010-06-22, 17:40
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Mar 2006
voxels for teh win
one of the good guys! so please don't ban -
2010-06-22, 19:20
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Jan 2006
Harvest - Massive Encounter was a good indie game that came out a couple of years ago. Wasted some time on the demo and it was quite addictive.
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