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Capture the Flag
2009-04-20, 11:28
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Mar 2008
Time once again for the:
Thunderwalker Smackdown Extravaganza XI
Saturday, April 25th
10 pm EST / 7 pm PST

up to 3 hours of carnage!

(Youtube March event video)

Here are your top 10 maps:

1. twctf9 (Critters)
2. xeno7 (Remix)
3. twctf8 (Washout)
4. twctf1 (The Cheat Complex)
5. dm3 (The Abandoned Base)
6. pig remix (Pig Remix)
7. e1m5 (Gloom Keep)
8. ctf2m3 (Spill The Blood)
9. twctf2m9 (Twin Keeps)
10. ctf4 (The Forgotten Mines)

Note: All twctf files and maps can be downloaded from server

“The only reason you're still conscious is 'cause I don't want to carry you!”
(TWCTF server status)

For more info on Thunderwalker CTF mod visit ThunderWalker Revival (check out our new site)

For those who want to watch the event on quaketv here is the direct link.
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