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Maps & Textures
2008-07-10, 12:21
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Jun 2007

Here are unfaithful, cartoonish textures for lundm1g.

This is my FIRST attempt to create all textures from scratch. There is no single texture borrowed from other packs/projects/games, all were created in GIMP for Windows (and half of them were made after three 7% beers xD). I'm quite happy with the result, i thought it would turn out much worse... still, i wasn't able to overcome problems with weird placement of some original textures, that's why some surfaces are simply single-colored.

Preview is darker than in-game looks.

For download go to -> uploads -> textures_replacement ->

P.S. Please keep "looks like warsow" comments for yourself ;P


To get it to work with final version of the map, just rename folder lundm1g to lundm1. I'm lucky texture placement hasn't changed in new version
2008-07-10, 12:25
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Feb 2006
i think it looks pretty cool from the screenshots. i like the 'splattered color' textures with the black spots. the color scheme doesn't seem to fit too well with the neon simple items however.
2008-07-10, 12:47
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Jan 2006
Sorry that I didn't post about the final version earlier, seeing your texture upload just reminded me of it. =D
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