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2008-06-03, 19:41
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Jun 2007
Hi there, i want to learn how-to make models. I've done some stuff in autocad so i think i shouldn't have big problems. But i have few questions:

1) Which software is best for begginners? Are there any good free 3d graphic editors? (like GIMP, but for 3D)

2) md3 vs mdl:

I understand that mdl format have limited animation possibilities compared to md3, and special effects like particles etc. cannot be added, but at this stage i don't care about them that much. I want to do some weapon models first (totally unfaithful ). Is there any polycount cap for mdl format? When i view Plague's v_ mdls in qme i see that they have invisible parts clipped, and i've seen this on few other models also, is this done because of polycount cap or just to make them weight less and load quickier/eat less fps? I don't want to do any resource hogs anyway, i prefer simplier, stylish look.

Is md3 support in ezQ fixed already? I remember they were rendenered almost without any shadow effects on them and also very bright compared to mdls.
2008-06-05, 11:23
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May 2006
1)I'd grab a torrent for 3ds Max or Maya, never mind the freebies. Edit poly in 3ds max is the shit.

2) I like md3 cause there's a exporter for 3ds max 8 and below (damn u max 9), "export as... md3" nice and easy.

md3 has a external texture, mdl have a texture inbuilt which has to be smaller than 480x480 pixles i think. But the 24-bit textures for mdl can by 512x512 etc while its 8bit internal texture is 128x128

FTE and darkplaces have shader support for md3, which can be nice to play with.

I think the view models been clipped/cut are from the camera cutting/going thru the models due to the fov
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