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Quakeworld HOWTO/FAQ
2008-04-22, 17:08
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Pretty sweet
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Cool, thanks for posting this!
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Howto Watch QTV with FuhQuake or MQWCL (ripped from incase it goes down)

Here are instructions on how to observe games via QuakeTV even if you do not have ezQuake nor FTEQW clients.

1. Download FTEQTV

2. Put qtvprox.exe from the archive into your Quake dir

3. Open up QuakeTV Now Playing page

4. Get the number of the slot you want to watch by looking at the URL of the Watch Now! link

example: First Watch Now! link leads to so the number of this slot is 41

5. Launch qtvprox.exe and type this into the window (replace 41 with the slot number you got from previous step)


6. Launch your QW client and type

/connect localhost:27599

7. Once you are connected type:

/bind enter +proxjump

8. Navigate with your keys in the menu: select Streams (press Enter) and join the first (and only) stream (press Enter again)

9. At this point you should be watching the game while being able to change POVs, and so on, good luck!
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