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2006-03-02, 20:11
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Feb 2006
just moved over to ezq and can't seem to work out how to get the frags to show on the hud

in fuh it looked like:

and now i don't get anything unless i shrink the screen down one:

don't want the screen that size, plus it seems a bit screwed.

tried all the commands but nothing seems to make it change.
im missing something, what is it? :p

scr_drawvfrags 1
scr_drawhfrags 3
hud_frags_align_x "left"
hud_frags_align_y "top"
hud_frags_cell_height "8"
hud_frags_cell_width "32"
hud_frags_cols "4"
hud_frags_fliptext "0"
hud_frags_frame "0"
hud_frags_padtext "1"
hud_frags_place "screen"
hud_frags_pos_x "16"
hud_frags_pos_y "0"
hud_frags_rows "1"
hud_frags_show "1"
hud_frags_shownames "0"
hud_frags_showself_always "1"
hud_frags_showteams "0"
hud_frags_space_x "1"
hud_frags_space_y "1"
hud_frags_strip "1"
hud_frags_style "0"
hud_frags_teamsort "0"
hud_frags_vertical "0"

also in ezq is it possible 1) to have deaths on scoreboard and 2) to have a shortcut for orange letters (like in fuh you could do alt-x for orange x)
2006-03-03, 01:14
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Jan 2006

the middle screenie looks like "viewsize 110", the bottom one like "viewsize 90".. at least in my ezq
is it set to 100?


here 2 screenies:
2006-03-03, 03:14
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Feb 2006
middle one is viewsize 100, bottom one is viewsize 90, with 110 there are no guns/ammo on the right hand side
2006-03-03, 09:29
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Mar 2006
scr_centerSbar "0"
2006-03-03, 09:33
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Jan 2006
It seems to me that scr_centersbar is set to 1 in you ezq, try to change that to 0.

And if you want to fool around with the new hud elements, please be awaer that for them to be displayed, you need:

scr_newhud [#]

Default: 0

0 Old standard status bar
1 New customizable status bar
2 First draws old status bar and then renders new status bar on the top of it.
2006-03-03, 13:37
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Feb 2006
ah nice one iron, should be able to sort something out from that - so many options!
2006-03-16, 21:05
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Jan 1970
Hope you dont mind if i borrow the thread a little. I would like my qw to look like it does in the second picture, really want to know how to make all the items yellow just like in the picture.
The thing is that im totaly new to all this so I would apreciate all help. So if someone could explane the commands and all the things I need to know to get it to look like that i would be very thankfull.
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