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2007-12-30, 23:37
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Mar 2006
This is the english version of the brazilian qw mod, Total Destruction II (td2 or tdw).

TD2 was the mod that brougth me to QuakeWorld and it give's me a lot of fun to play a match of it. We usually play FFA or 1on1 matches, cause teamplay doesn't really work.

If you wanna see how it works, download this demo pack and also this files. If you wanna host a server or just try the mod, download the english server pack.

There's no english documentation for TDW, the files included with the pack are the ones for the NQ english version. But the server config files are already set and can be used without any change. If there's interest, I'll make a proper documentation and a better translation. Note that this demos where recorded using the portuguese version of the mod, but they'll give you a notion of how to play it.

Important Things about TD2

Each time you spawn you'll receive a magic, to use the magic press the key 1 or use "impulse 1". You can seize special weapons and runes, but only one rune and weapon at a time. There are 5 special weapons (mortar, tesla coil, smartbomb, pipebomb and chaingun) to use a special weapon press 9 or use "impulse 20" to release the special weapon use "impulse 23". There are 4 runes of power in the game (turbo, armor, regeneration and damage) to release a rune use "impulse 22".

The "normal" weapons have 4 levels of power.

The power of game's itens can be boosted when they are used with other itens.

Some Screenshots

You can use any map on TD2, but voting system will work only for this ones:

//---- Alias to start a map voting on TD2 ------

alias map-start "impulse 101"
alias map-e1m1 "impulse 111"
alias map-e1m2 "impulse 112"
alias map-e1m3 "impulse 113"
alias map-e1m4 "impulse 114"
alias map-e1m5 "impulse 115"
alias map-e1m6 "impulse 116"
alias map-e1m7 "impulse 117"
alias map-e1m8 "impulse 118"
alias map-e2m1 "impulse 121"
alias map-e2m2 "impulse 122"
alias map-e2m3 "impulse 123"
alias map-e2m4 "impulse 124"
alias map-e2m5 "impulse 125"
alias map-e2m6 "impulse 126"
alias map-e2m7 "impulse 127"
alias map-e3m1 "impulse 131"
alias map-e3m2 "impulse 132"
alias map-e3m3 "impulse 133"
alias map-e3m4 "impulse 134"
alias map-e3m5 "impulse 135"
alias map-e3m6 "impulse 136"
alias map-e3m7 "impulse 137"
alias map-e4m1 "impulse 141"
alias map-e4m2 "impulse 142"
alias map-e4m3 "impulse 143"
alias map-e4m4 "impulse 144"
alias map-e4m5 "impulse 145"
alias map-e4m6 "impulse 146"
alias map-e4m7 "impulse 147"
alias map-e4m8 "impulse 148"
alias map-end "impulse 102"
alias map-dm1 "impulse 151"
alias map-dm2 "impulse 152"
alias map-dm3 "impulse 153"
alias map-dm4 "impulse 154"
alias map-dm5 "impulse 155"
alias map-dm6 "impulse 156"
alias map-dm7 "impulse 157"
alias map-plpak4 "impulse 158"
alias map-q1_q2dm3 "impulse 159"
alias map-skis1 "impulse 160"
alias map-skis3 "impulse 161"
alias map-skis4 "impulse 162"
alias map-four "impulse 163"
alias map-alkdm02 "impulse 164"
alias map-ukpak2 "impulse 165"
alias map-xl1dm2 "impulse 166"
alias map-dad "impulse 167"
alias map-ravage2 "impulse 168"
alias map-schloss "impulse 169"
alias map-efdm5 "impulse 170"
alias map-efdm8 "impulse 171"
alias map-q1_q3tourney2 "impulse 172"
alias map-q3dm6qw "impulse 173"
alias map-jrdm1 "impulse 174"
alias map-dm6plusteam "impulse 175"
alias map-biodm1 "impulse 176"
alias map-utopia "impulse 177"
alias map-ruins "impulse 178"
alias map-rash "impulse 179"
alias map-q1edge "impulse 180"
alias map-prgatory "impulse 181"
alias map-gomdm2v2 "impulse 182"
alias map-wild "impulse 183"
alias map-dranzdm8 "impulse 184"
alias map-q1dm17 "impulse 185"
alias map-anihouse "impulse 186"
alias map-aerowalk "impulse 187"
alias map-argonaut "impulse 188"
alias map-a2 "impulse 189"
alias map-caltwalk2 "impulse 190"
alias map-omf2 "impulse 191" - QuakeFiles
2007-12-31, 18:21
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Mar 2006
Some videos!


RASH - QuakeFiles
2008-01-01, 16:50
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Jun 2007
vegetous wrote:
Some videos!



Nice hud and wad, add hud config and wad
2017-03-08, 12:32
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Mar 2006 - QuakeFiles
2021-06-10, 23:47
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Jun 2021
The late TD2. it was very successful in 2000. to this day the link to the earth server is still in the air, except the quake server of course =(,a208d6158956a310VgnCLD200000bbcceb0aRCRD.html
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