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2007-10-28, 14:04
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May 2006

There's been a few people asking for more radar pics for more maps. I've been meaning to make a tutorial, but ... it hasn't happened

Anyway, the program used to create them is pretty self explanatory with nice instructions, download it here:

To create map outlines this program is nice: (not written by me)

And here are the PSD source of my radar pics for DM2/DM3/E1M2/Aerowalk:

A short description of the process:
1. Create a radar pic, save it as png
2. Run ezQuake and do:
A. Load the map in question
B. clearlocs
C. Go into corners of the map (they're easy to match on the radar pic later), and using addloc to name them. Make sure you name these so that you will remember which is which!
D. When you've added a bunch of these spread all over the map (10+) do saveloc somename.loc. A good idea is not to save this loc over your existing .loc for that map, so don't name it dm6.loc if you're doing dm6
3. Start QWlocationmatcher.
4. Read the instructions on what to do.

The program works by creating a conversion formula for converting quake coordinates -> pixel coordinates on the radar image. This formula is then saved into the png metadata, and read by ezquake when drawing the radar.

The program isn't very well tested, so I'm sure there are a bunch of bugs.

Phil did one for DM6 before,
Zalon has done one for DM4 but it's not finished yet.
2007-10-30, 14:46
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Feb 2006
Yeah will finish mine soon
2007-11-02, 03:14
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Mar 2006
isnt there a way to generate those on the fly ? :> (couldnt resist)
one of the good guys! so please don't ban -
2007-11-05, 21:33
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Feb 2006
no, there is so much junk in qw maps that will show up on the radar maps
2009-10-12, 01:10
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Jul 2007
is there already cmt1b radar ?
2009-11-11, 21:15
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Sep 2009
Hm, I tried to create a radar for a map I'm working on but something went wrong it seems. Hope somebody can help me.

I made the image using bsp2bmp and gimp and created the loc file. When I load the png image in QuakeWorld Location Matcher (QWLM) however, it doesn't display large parts of the image. The screenie below shows the problem. (Images need to be huge so one can see the details, therefor I link them.)

You see the image opened in GIMP (lower part) and in QWLM (upper part). Note that the part marked in red in the original image is missing in QWLM:
image in GIMP vs in QWLM

The formula that is calculated also comes out wrong as you can see here:
quakeworld in-game screenie that shows that the formula is wrong

Even when I only use waypoints that lie in the part of the image that QWLM displays, the formula is still wrong.

(For those who think they can help, here's the files I'm using: source png made with bsp2bmp and gimp, the radar image with incorrect formula, generated by QWLM, the loc file I made.)

Thanks for your time,
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