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Quakeworld Kenya Collective
2007-09-09, 23:38
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May 2006
Hey all.

Now after the tournament is over (congrats to Firing Squad and that really long name which starts with Scotland), what did you think about the first day? How were the maps, did the schedule fit good, did we admins do our job, was there any confusion, what should the next maps be, etc?
Post all your opinions here!
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2007-09-10, 00:23
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Jan 2006
Here comes the plus/minus

+Schedule was easy to read and follow, nice work there torb!
+Teamoverlay was good!
+Admins were helpfull
+Opponents were nice

-I think that jawnmode/airsteps and whatever is in FTK is good for FFA, but is a disaster for 1on1/2on2/4on4, felt really awkward with those settings.
-Dm5a was bad, not prepared on all the servers + other versions of it on different servers!
-Jawnmode was very strange to play with + some servers we played with droplastusedweapon and on some games we didnt, dunno if it was because server didnt have it or something.
-hard to find servers to play on

Overall 4/10
2007-09-10, 02:32
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Sep 2007
I like it, since i'm very new to this game I haven't played the maps, but I really enjoyed the tournament!
You worked good on irc, and was good response!

Good work!!

2007-09-10, 07:12
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Mar 2007
I think for the next schedule I should probably put down a couple of server suggestions for each map with a backup. (and a backup for the backup).
2007-09-10, 10:14
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Aug 2007
It was a realy nice cup. Many games and etc. Realy nice to have such gaming sundays now when i am a rookie and want to evolve in the game.

+ well done admins
+ vdm3v3

- could be some more teams
- schedule didnt work that well in rookie division.
- dm5a
- that we lost the final :p
2007-09-10, 14:17
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Jan 2007
Some notes about the tournament after its end.

Well the rookies in the rookies section were only in one team: cQens and Kay. We (Unreal and Fern) are semi-pro. The rest are pro. The level of "rookies" is rising avery day! :-)

At least one team should have played in Rookies, not in Oldies.

Changing map in the last minute is unfair and bad. dm5a has several versions. The map on is much harder to get out of water from the GL side.

There were no pair that won one map and lost other map. The games were pretty much onesided. :-(

Overall the DSK1 was good. I enjoyed it. But next time please give bigger map to play with. The dm5a was awfull. Make DSK2 start a little bit earlier (I start to play in 12:00 am) and drag more teams to play. :-)

Oh, yes. And disable the Jawnmode and airsteps. They don't give anything.
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2007-09-10, 22:19
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Feb 2006
ye sorry for being a rookie, usual lame excuses of away all summer, out of prac etc. i suck but i'm no rookie. i'll go oldies for the next one.

+ good admin action, thanks for your time
+ vdm3 is cool
+ kenya
+ not on a tuesday \o/ \o/

- that dm5 remix needs to be finished a bit more
- i thought jawnmode was pointless (i.e. i didnt notice anything different)
- swedish routing to the uk is unbelievably bad now - wtf??

i also have a suggestion for 2 maps for one of the tourneys, i think i told molgrum but i'd be keen to keep it under wraps and unleaash as a surprise bonus kenya for every skill level in a shortened tourney sometime
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