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2007-09-06, 22:29
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Dec 2006
Goodday fellow acolytes of Quakeworld.

After some 16 months in the wilderness I have decided that it is time to return to the world of 4on4. As 3tk is effectively disbanded, I'd like a clan to play the upcoming season, this is the sort of thing I'm looking for:

-Approx div3 standard
-Reasonable stability of clan/members, not a 5min wonder clan of journeymen and fakenicks
-Not too many big egos with more focus on TP
-Accept that I can't play in .se/.fi/.pl/.ru etc

In return I will bring you:

-A very rusty quaker who has played a grand total of 3 maps 4on4 during that 16 month hiatus.
-Experience from a wide range of tournaments/standard ranging from div7 UK to div1 Europe
-Rubbish ping (52 in .nl, 65 in .dk/.de)
-Suspect aim (see above plus LCD monitor and Vista!)
-A reasonable understanding of TP
-Good spoken English but happy to use mm2 as my fiancee is usually in bed by 23:00 CET

You will also need to be patient with me as it will likely take 1-2 weeks to get used to 4on4 and reading msgs etc again.
Would also consider playing with a North American team as playing on UK servers would work quite well for my crappy connection.

Leave a reply below if you are interested. I am nowhere near as active as I was during 1998-2005 and would be happy to take a 'trial' if desired.
That is all.
2007-09-07, 01:40
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Jan 2006
HangTime wrote:
-Good spoken English but happy to use mm2 as my fiancee is usually in bed by 23:00 CET

2007-09-07, 04:27
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Mar 2006
\o/ \o/ \o/ Jedenfalls \o/ \o/ \o/
\o/ \o/ \o/ zee HangTime is back! \o/ \o/ \o/
Save a cow, crucify a christian!
2007-09-07, 08:30
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Feb 2006
HangTime makes a comeback, someone post this on esreality!
2007-09-07, 09:53
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Feb 2006
i would say speak to adde if you are interested in playing with apocalypse 2000. We could prolly use an english player, as we are playing under the english flag
2007-09-07, 10:02
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Oct 2006
hey good to see you back HT... i remember our times in DN and hyphen, you are a top bloke and were a real asset to qw when you were around!

(gibbs btw)

i started qw up again about a year ago now (i stopped when hyphen died) you find most people play on dk now... and nl

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