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2007-07-13, 01:13
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Mar 2006
"Champ is winners bracket finalist in Duelmania3 and he's obviously aiming for the number 1 spot of this season. Kippo made a short interview with him, where Champ tells some of his toughts considering his playing style and about 1on1 in general."

Monday July 28 @ 21:28 by Vertigo

Let's start with the basic things: Name/age/where do you live and computer specs?

Champ: Mikko Tissari, 22 years old, herwanta tampere finland / 3032mhz p4/ 2400+ amd, 19", 512 ram, 80gb, windows 2003 server

Congratz of winning one of the best 1on1 player in EU, ]SR[ParadokS! How do you feel now after the game?

C: Pretty suprised and reliefed :f

Many people got pants wet many times, even in row when you pushed your LG -button down and shafted ParadokS to the other planet. What is your secret to your incredible aim?

C: Follow the enemy with your crosshair :p

Your next game will be versus Milton from Satanic Slaughter Clan. What is your thoughts about Milton and his style before you will face him?

C: Well, Milton has been teaching me some tactics, or atleast he has tried. I think that I have no chances vs him at dm4, even he has pretty lousy shaft He has great movement and tactics.

What is your favourite 1on1 -map, and why?

C: First of all I dont like 1on1 so much, but I think my favourite map is povdmm4, coz it's very good map for shaft training.

Your clan, the Viper Squad is one of the well known QW clans ever. Do you practise 1on1 together with your clanmates, or do you just focus to 4on4 games?

C: I dont practice 1on1, last week tooked few 1on1 duels. I play mainly 2on2 and 4on4.

Who is your favourite, especially 1on1 -player?

C: I dont have any favorites, never spec 1on1 games :/ Prolly Milton, coz he has tried to make me a duel player.

Your opinion about yourself: What are your strenghts and your weaknesses?

C: I think I have pretty good shaft, tactics is my fateful weakness as you might have noticed

At the moment many people are talking about RJ -scripts and so on. What is your opinion? Ban scripts or allow them? Do you use scripts? If you do, how often?

C: I have the forwardjump script. I like it so easy to use.

In 2002, you hosted a QuakeWorld LAN during MindTrekLAN @ Tampere. MindTrekLAN is taking place this year also, and I heard that you will include QW-LAN again in MindTrek. Ever had an idea about invite players or clans around EUto participate? Like QH-LAN etc.?

C: I was thinking to arrange new qw only lan next year for other eu ppl too.. this is my training season of lan arrangement.

Thanks for the interview and good luck versus Milton. Last words? Be?

===== COMMENTS ======

C: Keep smiling Be
By: Apollyon - 28/07/03 21:37
but i wanted to interview him :-(
well maybe duelmania winner then

By: kippo - 28/07/03 21:39
sorry apo :/

By: mooniz - 28/07/03 21:40
well interview milton then!

By: FlePser - 28/07/03 21:48
Or Hagge!

By: anger - 29/07/03 00:08

By: Hagge - 29/07/03 01:17
great interview Be

By: driz - 29/07/03 01:55
what is Be? :|

By: Zalon - 29/07/03 02:55
some weird smiley :/

By: wigorf - 29/07/03 03:19
Congratz of winning one of the best 1on1 player in EU, ]SR[ParadokS! How do you feel now after the game?

didnt mrlame beat para last dm

By: soma - 29/07/03 03:29
As usual, the interview is too focussed on QW.

By: Link - 29/07/03 04:18
Champ: you are a fucking retard flooding smileys like that, disrespect towards your enemy. Just my personal fucked up norwegian mr. 6 frags opinion. Fucking lamer, k? :|

By: driz - 29/07/03 06:00
that's a smiley?

what the fuck

I don't even know which way around it's sposed to go

By: Vickers - 29/07/03 12:47
Maybe ha just wants everyone to let him Be :]

By: Vickers - 29/07/03 12:47
ha = he

By: raz0 - 29/07/03 13:44
Next time, could you make the interview a little more detailed and in-depth. These kind of interviews tend to become a bit boring. Just my opinion

By: razor - 29/07/03 20:47
i agree with raz0
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