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2007-03-22, 17:53
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Tonight is the night @ 22:00, when we clear the winnerbracket section of Ownage1.

Mutilator, the idling beast from Stockholm with his love for dm4/dm6


Gamer, tactical mastah from Tampere, can he put the famous finish 1on1 history going?

I can remember Vana (duelmania1 Winner) and Milton (duelmania 3 winner) keeping the Finish flag on top in the world of 1on1 but there has recently been quite around the finish 1on1 players and I believe Gamer can now bring home another trophy.

Mutilator have had an eazy way to the finals, with mostly TB3 players (xali/para/hlt) etc etc
Now comes the big test and that in the finals.
What is his tactic? is it how often he plays qw?
What I have heard, he plays 20 min qw / week and that only the ownage game.

We all know who will win this game.. yes its true, Gamer!

Gamer is 70-30 favorite for a win today!
will never be 3-0 but could eazly be 3-1!

ztn/aerowalk is already in his pocket without even a blink of the eye.

Dm4 = muti
Dm6 = could go either way but mutis LG > gamers LG

HoHo, What do we got left????
DM2 and gamer showed that he owned on this map vs seese and will prove here again

Go an vote on who u think will win Here

Potential cams:

Commentary will be on with teamspeak @

For more games @
Get fQuake so you can watch the games.
Use fQuake's step-by-step site to connect to one of the cams and spectate the game

game has been played, for demos visit HERE
2007-03-22, 17:56
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muti will win
2007-03-25, 22:09
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Feb 2006
yeah next year definetly
even more blah
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