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2006-02-03, 23:55
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Jan 2006
An Interview with fs'reppie

QuakeWorld star Steven "reppie" Elzinga interviewed by Marius "Marius" Hollenga

Q: First off reppie, Let's start off with an obvious question: a/s/l?

A: I'm 20 (nearly 21), male.. and i live in groningen

Q: When did you start playing games? and with what game did you start?

A: Hmm im not sure exactly when i started..probably around '95 '96. mostly played games like fifa/nba and some rpg's
then we got modem internet and a friend of my brother showed us quake. my brother started playing that, and after a while so did i
that was around 97-98 i think.

Q: You're a force to be reckoned with in QuakeWorld, and you've obviously been playing that for a looong time, have you ever tried to make the switch to Quake 2 or 3?

A: Hmm no not really. i played some singleplayer quake2 when it came out, and some quake3 on lan with classmates etc., but always stuck to qw as main game

Q: Hmm, what do you think is the main attraction in QuakeWorld then?

A: The community .. nice people to play with. and the speed/depth of the game/teamplay , i think it is/was on a (much) higher level than quake2/quake3..and i really like that.

Q: Yes, I've seen that, I've recently switched from Quake 3 to QuakeWorld, and I get completely confused during gather games of TDM, what do you think a newbie should be focussing on during games of TDM?

A: I think trying to get a good overview of the mapsituation. like who is at what position, what weapons does he have, when is quad/armor/rl/watever coming. and then try to make the best decision based on that

Q: Speaking of who is where: I've completely forgotten to ask you what clan you play for, and who the hell are in that clan!

A: I play in Firing Squad. nowadays we have razor, spoink, 123, gem, keyser and me as active members. others are blixem and mae, but they dont play much anymore (and spk isnt playing for a few months either actually)

Q: So, on to duelling, Duelmania has relaunched it's activities, this is obviously a huge boost to the scene, alot of players have signed up, do you think you stand a chance at taking the victory?

A: Hmm i think there's like 5-6 players who could win it and i like to think im one of them yes

Q: Who are the other main contenders?

A: Hm im probably forgetting one or two but i'd say avenger,spoink,insane,razor and maybe locust all have a good chance of winning

Q: K, on to duelling tactics! Do you think you can compare duelling tactics to TDM tactics, just on a smaller scale? or is it a completely different discipline?

A: Hmm no i guess you could compare them. i think its both about level control and trying to predict whats going to happen next, it'd be hard to predict what 7 players are gonna do though, but the main lines or something.
a big difference is that you gotta trust on 3 teammates though, and hope that you're all on the same line of thinking when you play.

Q: The community is the most important part of a game, would you rate the QW community as good?

A: Well yes and no. on one hand its nice how everyone knows eachother and how much everyone loves the game and tries to improve it. but on the other hand we have the tendency to whine about every little thing and make a big thing of it .. like the ilf aimbot thing, or fifi using siv nick for example..think we should all losen up a bit and just enjoy playing. but overall i'd rate it as good

Marius: Yeah, although I would think aimbotting is not really forgivable, I do not mind ilf as a person though
Reppie: Well i dont think its forgivable either. i dont think anyone thinks it is .. but just ban him and thats it
i think in like 2-3 years people would remember the whole ilf aimbot issue, and probably even forgot about who exactly won eql2, thats a shame

Q: I agree, but oh well..speaking of EQL, can you tell me what active leagues are running at this moment? (for the newbie QW players)

A: I think the only 4on4 tourney atm is eql. then there's duelmania for 1on1, a polish 2on2 tournament (2 shot 2), and i think there's an endif tourney as well but i dont really know anything about that
Oh and there's the ggl tournament, which has reached playoff stage by now.
And has 500$ for the winner!

Marius:The prize money is a compliment for QW, it proves the status it still has, I feel
Allright, I'm now gonna fire some very quick questions at you, 1 word/short sentence answers please!
Reppie: Ok!

Q: Gibbing or Electrocuting?
A: Gibbing
Q: Quad or Pent?
A: Quad
Q: Peanutbutter or 'Hagelslag'?
A: Hagelslag
Q: Is an underwater discharge annoying?
A: Yes not like annoying as in dont do it, but just sucks to die that quick
Q: Coffee or Tea?
A: Tea
Q: Sugar or Salt?
A: Sugar

Marius: , k, and finally, before I start editing: Do you have any shoutouts to anyone? or any comments on the interview, this is your chance to be honest/friendly/mean towards anyone and everyone!

Reppie was friendly and decided not to insult anyone, big props and thanks to him for this Interview.
This also took place on IRC:

<shame> Oi, Marius forgot to ask one important question in his interview. He couldn't bring himself to ask the question, but since I think it's of vital importance to the interview I'm going to ask instead. Then paste it to him afterwards. On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest, how high would you rate your e-peen in the QW community and how heavy would you estimate it to be (in kg or g)?
Black Metal ist Krieg.
2006-02-04, 00:07
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Jan 2006
. like the ilf aimbot thing, or fifi using siv nick for example..think we should all losen up a bit and just enjoy playing.

we cant losen up on the ilf thingy though!

but yeah, we should all play

Nice job Marius!!
2006-02-04, 00:13
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Jan 2006
the fifi/siv-thing is way bigger than that little dude cheating.
I mean why hasn't someone started a thread and gotten 90 replies on that? :E
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