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2007-03-09, 01:01
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Mar 2006
There has been much talk the past week on the issue of regenerating quakeworld by trying to attract back some of the old players and indeed new players alike. The debate has raged with some people feeling that in order to attract new players, the community must make a start by allowing a greater choice and variety of maps for Tournament mappools.

Tradtionally the qw community tends to be conservative and there are some strong arguments for and against using Kenya (Custom) maps in in the main stream tournaments.

However with the suggestions and backing from some of the community,
Vio and Sassa have gotten together to organise an informal tournament to take place every Tuesday to be called:

King of Tuesday Kenya

Every Tuesday evening there will be a 1on1 duel tournament
which will feature a different Kenya (Custom) map each week.

The King of Tuesday Kenya will start on Tuesday the 13th March.

For full details check out: KTK
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