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2007-03-05, 23:51
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Jan 2006
Got hold of Lbn after his game vs Insane for a couple of questions!

Rock - I saw his game vs locust on aerowalk and it was good. I also know that every LA player know how to play dm2 in 1v1. (practise vs dag?)
He is very solid player but he isnt a lg master or something like that but he know what to do. Sad that he is out of tournament now.
Next one was Insane who was in everybody opinion (and mine) #2 in Poland (after ave) but only because we didnt play any duel for 3,5 year. I didn't know what to expect.
This game was very important to me because it was on my own playground vs a player who didn't want to play vs me. In this situation he had to.
Fix didn't play seriously imo. He is a happy player

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