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2007-03-05, 23:49
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Jan 2006

Hi and welcome to, can you tell a bit about yourself outside the world of QW?

Hi everyone, My name is Mateusz, I'm 20 years old and I live in Cracow, Poland.
Outside the world of qw I'm studying on Cracow University of Technology and on my spare time i like to party, play tennis, fast cars and things like that

How did you start playing qw?

My first contact with quake was when qwcl was first published. I played only in cafe internet with my friends on Reset FFA Server where we had a lot of fun
Everything was scary and we didnt know what was going on
Then I have break from any quake until I saw Quake 3 Demo Test.
After that I was playing it every day but only offline because I had a crappy 36k modem with pings like 500 ms
Everything starter when I get good connection and started to play Promode for q3.
I was playing all days on Cpm1a and it was great but after year 1 or 2 Promode team made Challenge Promode (cpma) which wasn't so hardcore like Promode. I had enough it and I wanted to change game.
I knew that Qw was the inspiration for Promode which I liked so much.
After 2 days I had dled quake1, installed mqwcl and start playing QW
Luckily In first or second day of my qw carrier I have met Azzazelo (thx man) who helped me with my cfg and many other things.
I remember very well how hard it was to win the first match - The year was 2002.

Your in the semifinals of ownage1 and have beaten players like fix/rock/insane, were u expecting that?

My goal was to win vs fix. I remember in Duelmania (don't remember which one) when I won every game but I had to give fix WO because I was going on holidays.
Just before that game I had lost vs fix in the aero tournament (Maybe somebody will make one soon? :> only by 2 frags. Goal reached
I have to say that i didn't expect to be so far but on other hand I have played lots of games vs top players (those who sometimes agree to play on different ping than 13) with really good results and it has helped me a lot. I also like to play as underdog.

How does it feel to be #1 in poland, or does avenger beat you?

Unfortunately Avenger is still #1. I can give him hard fight on Aero Dm2 and Ztn which sometimes ends with victory but that's all
I hope to someday play vs Ave in an official game and then We shall see

Who was the hardest opponent, fix rock or insane, and why?

Rock - I saw his game vs locust on aerowalk and it was good. I also know that every LA player know how to play dm2 in 1v1. (practise vs dag?)
He is very solid player but he isnt a lg master or something like that but he know what to do. Sad that he is out of tournament now.

Next one was Insane who was in everybody opinion (and mine) #2 in Poland (after ave) but only because we didnt play any duel for 3,5 year. I didn't know what to expect.
This game was very important to me because it was on my own playground vs a player who didn't want to play vs me. In this situation he had to.

Fix didn't play seriously imo. He is a happy player

Who do you think can stop you in ownage?

I think Gamer, He is best player in this tournament.

What will your kurwa tactics be vs gamer in the semis, how will you stop the beast from Finland?

I will take ztn and rj to platform over ya room Honestly I wont say anything - You will see on Monday @ 22.30 cet.

What map is your weakest and why?

DM6 as everybody knows. In Poland it's very rare to see good players play dm6
For me it's boring and I hate maps with that limited rockets. I feel safe only when i have 20 rockets in my pack

What do you think about the polish qw scene?

Polish qw scece is really funny - we have a lot of spectators or smokers but there is problems with players
Mixed 4on4 in 80% ends in 7 mins because somebody drops ect. We have our forum @ which is great for new players.
In May, there will be a LAN party organize by my clan - PHC so if u want come and visit us - do it! :>

What do you think of the treatment that the "kurwa" players get in QW, is it fair, or do you wanna fuck them up by shutting down all Scandinavian servers?

I don't think that shutting down any SV is a good idea. Fair game is when everything is equal - ping fps clients then u can see real skill of players.
That rule in ownage about your home ping is sick to me.
That's all i can say about ping-whine.

Insane said in an interview 1 month ago that the rising star in 1on1 is Locust, is it a good payback to have beaten him?

As I said before I had my own problems with Insane and winning by 2-0 with him was a big pleasure.

Give me your top5 in and 1on1.europe


1. Avenger
2. Insane
3. Tom
4. Slabi
5. Budziorre!


1. Dag
2. Griffin
3. Reppie
4. Razor
5. Gamer

Thnx for the interview shoutouts???

No problem Shoutout to all my friends from real word, my girl Asia ( <3 )
The whole PHC (reptille,budzior,barrel,styvny and the rest) and of course all my quake friends all over the world, especially from Poland Cu!

Ps. Sorry for me english.
2007-03-06, 00:10
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Feb 2006
you use thoose shades for quaking?
2007-03-06, 00:30
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Mar 2006
Good Interview Sassa, good luck Lbn in your next game
I ain't got no time for this jibber jabber fool
2007-03-06, 09:01
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Jan 2006
LesBiaN !! \o/ GL
2007-03-06, 10:45
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Jan 2006
n1 interview, for myself its a pleasure seeing non swe quakers playing on a high level.
2007-03-06, 11:06
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Jan 2006
PsychoHaloonsCrew ftw :>
2007-03-06, 11:33
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Oct 2006
Nice interview, lbn daubie nie wymieniles jw ani cos teges? :E kluczowy moment w karierze przeciez ))
2007-03-06, 16:49
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Feb 2006
well played so far kurwa black horse gl vs gamer
2007-03-07, 19:05
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Mar 2006
holy shit nice pic

2007-03-07, 21:42
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Jan 2006
phil, now gaz will ban u 4eva
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