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2007-03-03, 13:03
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Jan 2006
Weekend is here and that means QW games

18:00 CET - Ownage - phrenic vs inter

20:00 CET - NQR - Slackers vs MNY
21:00 CET - NQR - Core vs Dies-ater
22:00 CET - Ownage - lbn vs insane
??:00 CET - Ownage - xalibur vs ul (dont got the time for it)

21:00 CET - Ownage - valla vs seraph

Potential cams:

(I will try Qtv on Saturday/Sunday night so be ready to see the message on ServeMe)

Or just visit that is online now

Get fQuake so you can watch the games.
Use fQuake's step-by-step site to connect to one of the cams and spectate the game
(if u got more games, msg sassa on irc)
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