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2007-01-15, 19:36
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Jan 2007
This is very annoying. It does this everytime i load thegame too. It happens in OpenGl Mode. I ll load the game and the console will show up.. which is fine, then i goto the minute and it starts flickering while im on the menu. It should just go away, but no it stays.. then i start a game and its still there. Anyone know what to do? any way of just getting rid of console anyways, i don't really need it.thanks
2007-01-15, 19:42
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Jan 2006
its because of the buggy intel vga card, try alt-tabbing
2007-03-05, 01:25
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Jan 2006
this is the second time I hear about this issue, any1 got a solution ?
2007-03-06, 00:38
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Mar 2007
sassa was just helping me with a separate console problem I was having in #qwhelp and tripped over a fix for this and the problem I was having.

The problem I was having was that after a map had loaded, the console text was no longer visible. I also had the flashing console/menu over top of the game problem with the Intel GM945 graphics.

These commands were added to my autoexec and fixed both:

cl_chatmode "2"
con_clearnotify "0"
con_notifylines "6"
con_notifytime "30"
con_wordwrap "1"
cvar_viewdefault "1"

scr_conalpha "0"
scr_consize ".8"
scr_conspeed "66666"

The first block of commands didn't fix anything - the second did. I suppose adding the console transparency makes the flashing disappear somehow.
2007-03-06, 00:45
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May 2006
This is actually mentioned in the ezquake FAQ ... But we don't have a complete solution for it yet, so any input is welcome.
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