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Inactive Australian Free For All player famous for his huge amount of insulting binds.


  • "Wise choice retreating to lava instead of being destroyed by me"
  • "Nice aim - It's obvious you wagged P.E. in your younger years"
  • "Congratulations... You are improving, (slightly)."
  • "Beaten... go back to Pacman"
  • "Owned (during high volatility in the domestic equities market)."
  • "Owned (I liked it so much that I bought the company...)"
  • "Owned (consider me your major shareholder)."
  • "Owned (you are now property of Vandaly Industries Pty Ltd 2000)."
  • "Owned (and I won't sell your ass cheap like your former pimp)."
  • "Owned (but I am pessimistic about the resale value of your pathetic monkey ass)."
  • "Owned (just before the market for quake players becomes bullish)."
  • "Owned (as part of a hedging strategy in case the market for frags grows)."
  • "Owned (but I doubt there is sufficient liquidity to sell a piece of crap like you)."
  • "Owned (now my monopoly is complete)."
  • "Owned (I didn't sell that bank bill for nothing)."
  • "Owned (through various hedging strategies)."
  • "Owned (and I've still got enough change left over for the rest of the fucking scum here)."
  • "Owned (via proceeds of your mother's pimp)."
  • "Owned (from embezzlement in the local chess club)."
  • "Owned (with funds received from the sale of the domain rights to"
  • "Owned (consider yourself a subsidiary of Campers Pty Ltd)."
  • "Owned (and you will not be sold as cheap as your mum)."
  • "Owned (however, I do not expect a profit on this particular investment)."
  • "Owned (but are you really worth the effort?)"


  • Has an unofficial fanclub run by Flag au.gif lemike
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