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Sweden & Finland Unholy Alliance
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2021, January 6

Unholy Alliance was created in January 2021 and is a 2on2 TDM team consisting of Finland Milton and Sweden carapace. The team was initially created to have some fun in the 2on2 tournament Ride My Rocket 2on2 Tour 1, but later also lead to the more prestigous 2on2 tournament Money for nothin and gibs for free with a hefty $6500 prize pool.

Finland Milton and Sweden carapace have been TDM rivals for years, spanning different teams and different tournaments. The only constant seems to be that they more often than not end up in grand finals against one another. They are some of the best Quakeworld players to ever have walked this earth, and have played each other countless of times in both official and unofficial games. One testament to their rivalry is once carapace started to climb the ranks in 4on4 TDM he was given the nickname: "The Swedish Milton". Sweden Carapace later added, tongue in cheek, that it would only be fair if Finland Milton then was to be called "The Finnish Carapace". In January 2021, dispite their rivalry, they joined ranks and formed a team with the fitting name - Unholy Alliance.



Year Place Event
2021 A11st Ride My Rocket 2on2 Tour 1
2021 A11st Money for nothin and gibs for free

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Among the two team names "Unholy Alliance" and "The Finnish Milton" suggested by carapace, Milton picked the former.