The Pures

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All european division two clan.


After listening to the whine about the non-excisting transfer market in division two from several friends Purity decided it was enough and made sure they'd form a team together. It started with Moris, FlePser, N1eLZz, Locktar and Kippo. Moris suggested the name should be The Pures as a way to thank Purity for providing them with a clan. Phrenic and jOn had a very short carreer in the team leaving or taking a break from quake after playing one or two officials. Dexter took a serious spot in the squad and played a lot. After two seasons some players lost activity and some more dutch blood joined the ranks in the form of Unex, Dragon and Snake who could join because their team Veni Vidi Vici died the season before. Despite the efforts it wasn't enough and after just three games in EQL Season 1 they threw the towel in the ring.

After that Dexter made his carreer as carpenter and became a pro in picking up women his qw days were kind of over, he's still sometimes seen on servers but not on a regular basis. N1eLZz and FlePser revived Unidentified Quake Entity, Dragon joined Leftovers, which jOn revived after he left this team, which later became Slackers. LocKtar went pretty much inactive and just got back to dueling, same with Kippo, he is playing in Ballistic now though. Unex and Snake joined the founder Purity in a new dutch team, Brutality, the season after.



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