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brief introduction


This team had a lot of different lineups but most memorable must've been the that reached the final of both the classic and custom NQR Summercup in 2004 with players such as Phantasy, Grisling, jOn and terror. The other one was looking for a new member after Cage had to leave for the army, they found ParadokS and then renamed themselves quickly to Slackers. Under the new name they went on to win various competitions, main lineup was Flag dk.gif ParadokS plus old Leftovers members Flag nl.gif Murdoc, Dragon and Flag pl.gif Insane. Flag nl.gif Murdoc has been a vital part in the Slackers team from the start to this day. Even though initially Flag se.gif Krab was mainly the fifth man behind ParadokS, Murdoc, Insane and Dragon he still played a lot of games and after Insane and Dragon quit he gained a prominent role in the Slackers team. In EQL Season 13 he was kind of a fifth man again behind ParadokS, Murdoc, Zero and Striker.



Former members