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 Nationality: Flag de.gif German
 Current clan: Flag gb.gif Demonic Core
 Clan prefix or suffix: DC
 Aliases: durban; yggdrasil; unnamed
 First spawned: 1996
 Map: DM4, DM6, DM3, End, Nacmidair and EndIf
 IRC channel: #DC
 IRC network: QuakeNet
 OS: FreeBSD; NT; GNU/Linux; fli4l; Windows 2000; XP; Windows 7 Professional
 CPU: i386, i486, Intel Pentium II/III, AMD, others
 GFX: GeForce Series, 3dfx Voodoo Graphics, ATI, others
 Client: QWCL, MQWCL, ezQuake Nightly Build
 Proxy: Cheapo, Qizmo
 Monitor: LG 901B at 100hz, others
 FOV: 115
 Resolution: Desktop resolution: 1024x768, ezquake internal font width: 320, font height: 240
 Sound: Creative Labs: Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster Audigy
 Mousepad: Icemat (glass), 3M+SilikonSpray, everglide pads
 Mouse: Logitech G1, other decommissioned mice (cord)
 Mouserate: 500hz or 1000hz

Clan history

Flag de.gif Bodycount
Flag gb.gif Demonic Core


gl; gl etc; lo; adk; ta; gg; tnx; pld; llamah; It's good to b0rk!



insert path to setup and client location, an ezquake nightly build in my case

-mem 512 -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcespd -nocdaudio -ruleset smackdown


Ready / Break script

alias red_1 "ready ;bind p red_0"
alias red_0 "break ;bind p red_1"

Volume script

alias Select.Vol.01 "volume 0.05 ;bind l Select.VOL.00 - Select.VOL.02;echo - volume set to: 0.05"
alias Select.Vol.02 "volume 0.1  ;bind l Select.VOL.01 - Select.VOL.03;echo - volume set to: 0.1"
alias Select.Vol.03 "volume 0.15 ;bind l Select.VOL.02 - Select.VOL.04;echo - volume set to: 0.15"
alias Select.Vol.04 "volume 0.2  ;bind l Select.VOL.03 - Select.VOL.05;echo - volume set to: 0.2"
alias Select.Vol.05 "volume 0.25 ;bind l Select.VOL.04 - Select.VOL.00;echo - volume set to: 0.25"
alias Select.Vol.00 "volume 0.0  ;bind l Select.VOL.05 - Select.VOL.01;echo - volume set to: 0.0"

Drawarmor script

alias arm_1 "scr_sbar_drawarmor 1 ;bind k arm_0"
alias arm_0 "scr_sbar_drawarmor 0 ;bind k arm_1"

Teamplay messages ON/OFF script

alias teamplayon "exec config/teamchats.cfg; echo TP_MSGS ON; bind F9 teamplayoff"
alias teamplayoff "exec config/bindings.cfg; echo TP_MSGS OFF; bind F9 teamplayon"

Qizmo script

alias Select.PRX.1 "bind F12 PRX.Splatter ;bind F11 Select.PRX.2;echo - proxy selection: splatterfest"
alias Select.PRX.2 "bind F12 PRX.Schlund ;bind F11 Select.PRX.3;echo - proxy selection: schlund"
alias Select.PRX.3 "bind F12 PRX.Euronet ;bind F11 Select.PRX.4;echo - proxy selection: euronet"
alias Select.PRX.4 "bind F12 PRX.Barrys ;bind F11 Select.PRX.5;echo - proxy selection: barrysworld"
alias Select.PRX.5 "bind F12 PRX.Ocrana ;bind F11 Select.PRX.6;echo - proxy selection: ocrana"
alias Select.PRX.6 "bind F12 PRX.Topsid ;bind F11 Select.PRX.7;echo - proxy selection: topsid"
alias Select.PRX.7 "bind F12 PRX.Gxp ;bind F11 Select.PRX.8;echo - proxy selection: gxp"
alias Select.PRX.8 "bind F12 PRX.Local ;bind F11 Select.PRX.1;echo - proxy selection: local"

alias PRX.Splatter "say proxy:connect"
alias PRX.Ocrana "say proxy:connect"
alias PRX.Topsid "say proxy:connect"
alias PRX.Euronet "say proxy:connect"
alias PRX.Barrys "say proxy:connect"
alias PRX.Gxp "say proxy:connect"
alias PRX.Local "say proxy:connect 127.1:27666"
alias PRX.Schlund "say proxy:connect"


alias qdyb1 "qtvplay"
alias qdyb2 "qtvplay"
alias qdyb3 "qtvplay"


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