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Started up in late 2007, Dimman got recruited and started to headhunt for new members. When a full lineup was established, Ernst and Motorized went inactive. Signed up for Bronze Cup in NQR11, ending up taking the 2nd place after losing a tight final vs Nafianna.

Quakeklan then split up into 2 teams for the EQL Season 7 (initial plans were 3 teams, but rookie-team, Quakeklan.b, went inactive): Quakeklan 1 and Quakeklan 2.

In 2010 Dimman, ok98 and Lethalwiz left Oblivion and started Quakeclan again with old quakeclan player TheEvilDog. Together with Overdose, Votary and Striker. Striker left the clan to Slackers after some games and Overdose and Votary left after EQL12



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