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Game started with a comfortable lead for Sweden C, they got rl, lg and pent and from then on they were keeping about 20 frags lead over the Germans. But with lots of Quad to Germany (they got 14 quads out of 20 in this game), in 14:30 the scores are tied at 128:128 and the pent goes to Germany. In 17:00 scores are tied again at 150:150 and following two Quads go to Mille and then to TheEvilDog, Sweden C manage to get 4 RLs in the team. In 18:10 frag difference is 10, Quad goes to spoinka who is securing RA, getting frags with counter attack from pent and water plus with the next Quad to germany, this makes 1 frag difference for the last moments of the match. The last Quad goes to IBA who does frags at pent, but all of a he's a little stuck at lifts, finally he moves, runs around the map looking for enemies, but where are swedish players? Maybe in sauna? Definitely they cannot be found in this map in these last moments of this round so Sweden C win by 1 frag difference, GG!

Second map - dm2 - also started with a fullstart to Sweden C, they got both RLs and the Quad, doing some good routine on the map they've built a confident 70 frags lead when the clock was showing 8:00 and Quads going to them aswell. Frag difference almost reaches 100 frags but the Swedish Quad dies in bigroom leaving MM the only player with RL in their team who doesn't hesitate to launch an attack via path, soon TheEvilDog accompanies him at the Quad and so they secure another Quad for them and keep on increasing the lead which was 170:50 in the 12th minute of the match. Some good teamplay action, while Mille was carrying the Quad his teammates despite him carrying the Quad went to big with him where they together crushed German attempt for counter-attack and increased the frag lead soon to 218:68. Around 14:30 IBA tried to surprise Swedish Quad at the water area however he was in way too open room where Mille fragged him easily. But the next German attack lead by UIG was more successfull, for the first time Germany gained control over the water area while the clock was showing 16:00. A minute later though Mille attacks the Quad area successfully killing Soma and damaging Spoinka a lot, and extending the map control in the following minutes even more. GG. - JohnNy cz


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