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NQR7 Div2 Semi VVV-OS cmt4.jpg

I think the 2 teams shared quads fairly well but VVV held YA very well and that won them the game. - by Osams

Whats that Osams, quads were evenly dealt out? Have you actually checked the demo haha? We got 3 quads! 3 freaking quads! You guys should learn to share! Anyways, we were able to hold onto ya pretty much the whole match, only losing it a couple of times by good takeovers from Osams. Since we had the ya, we had the pents and were able to do a lot of damage with them. The batttle's at quad were fierce with Osams coming out on top most of the time, but either the q runner was too low on health or had no weapon, he couldn't make the push towards ya for a takeover. Since we had next to no quads the game felt bad for us eventhough we came out on top. Could have gone the other way though. GG osams! - by Veni Vidi Vici


NQR7 Div2 Semi VVV-OS dm2.jpg

We got the better start and built a small lead (~30 frags). It never really changed from that until the last few minutes when VVV started to close down, but it was too late. - by Osams

Osams map choice. Our feared dm2. There's only 1 person in our squad that knows where the quad is in this map. You wouldnt expect it from him ;). The rest of us tried some lava diving at ra/mh. Manny was going to show us how it was supposed to be done, so we followed him but right at the last moment he moved to the side and we fell in! Bad instructor!! I tried telling drag that you wouldnt get frags if you kept pressing the button at big room, took him 10 min to believe me. Hmm what did i do? I was checking who did the art work at big room, i couldnt find a name after 15 min searching... - by Veni Vidi Vici


NQR7 Div2 Semi VVV-OS e1m2.jpg

VVV got great start with quad and RL, and they didn't let up all game. We got an RL into YA after a few mins but quad-trev killed him and that was the end of our game really. Zilv was evil @ mega and they racked up the frags. - by Osams

Osams choice again. Now why did they choose e1m2 instead of dm3? Has gaz forgotten we kick ass on e1m2? Oh well... I believe Dek had first rl which eventually got gunned down at mh. Trev got first q, and i think gaz had ya. At second quad i took q and gaz took rl, which i killed at gl. The next rl went to osams again, but i also got that one. After that we pretty much locked the game down, keeping both ya and mh in our control for a long time. Osams rl's had no way to go to stack up on rocks or health. Almost all q's went our way, which made it fairly easy for us. I still wonder why osams never flooded ya... GG! - by Veni Vidi Vici


NQR7 Div2 Semi VVV-OS cmt3.jpg

We started this game once and the start was even. VVV had a lead of about 15 frags after 4 mins ish when QHLAN internet lagged (100% pl for about a minute or so) and we lost a couple of RLs as a result. VVV very kindly agreed to restart. The second time around they got RL pent an quad and they didn't let up for the whole game. - by Osams

Our choice. We've been praccing this game a lot lately and most of us like it alot! Since we weren't all that sure about dm3 we took this one. After the 2nd start we had full start. Which for some reason we managed to screw up after 1 min already :/. So osams took 2nd quad and took ra i believe. After a while we took ra back and kept ra in our control for the rest of the map. Most q's went our way and most pents as well. Nice tower by Osams at the end, too bad Unex was such a lamer :P. gg's Osams, hope to prac you guys soon! - by Veni Vidi Vici


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