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Founded after some funny conversations between Purity and Snake Eyes talking about how people could not see the Hidden Skills some people have. This is the reason the tag ALDI is being used, named after the supermarket chain; their products must have hidden quality which most people don't see because they sell a lot but it's not clear why people buy things there other than that it's cheap. The team hasn't participated in any official event but Apollyons 4on4 ladder on the ESL site.


Hidden Skills is a team formed with people who have known each other in and outside quake, are in different clans to play official matches and just want to play some more fun games with friends. The main team lineup changed quite some through the years since a lot of the early players went inactive like SNAke:DDD, ZILver:SS and CHArles:S. Other early players like YTIrup:PP, NOGard:EE and NITram:FF stayed active though and later on CODrum:SS joined their forces to complete the standard ALDI lineup as we know it. One player which has been a regular ringer since the start is ROZarr:$$.
Something one can't miss is the number of Veni Vidi Vici, Firing Squad and these days even Slackers' players that are or have been playing with ALDI. Great things to see are that some of the players actually joined those clans after playing with their members in this team and how much better all players got through the years. At times in 2004 there was trouble beating division two teams while mostly in 2006 fun and good matches were played against great clans like Slackers, KOFF and Lege Artis.



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