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The following will serve as a guide to using the QuakeWorld Wiki.


If you see something incorrect or missing from this website, you can correct or add it. All you need is a free account and you're the new contributor to the biggest and best QuakeWorld Wiki this side of the internet.


As much fun as we have in Quake, if you become a contributor to this encyclopedia then it is your duty to take it seriously. This is not the place to flame your enemies or shine your own shoes. Keep your content as objective as possible. Content herein should be factual or at least universally understood as tongue-in-cheek/joking.

Vandalism or repeated insolence will not be tolerated.

Disputing claims

If a claim made in an article comes under scrutiny or you simply doubt the validity of it, draw attention to this by adding the '''{{fact}}''' template immediately after the statement. This will appear as follows: Garvs is a completely sane individual.[claim disputed]

The process to be taken with disputed claims is to either try and verify it yourself, ask the person/people involved, or contact the person who wrote it on their discussion page. If a claim is disputed sternly enough (which should also take place in article's discussion sections) then it will be considered for removal.

Wiki markup

This website runs MediaWiki and supports all standard features as well as the ParserFunctions extension. You are encouraged to use all features to their full extent.

Some of the basic commands are:

* [[Internal link on the wiki]] or [[Internal link on the wiki|Link name]]
* [External link] or [External link Link name]
* Asterisks (*) act as bullets lists
* Hashes (#) act as numbered lists
* [[Image:File.jpg]] or [[Image:File.png|alt text]]
* [[Image:File.jpg|thumb|200px]] to make a thumbnail

To insert a flag use the following code (where xx is the country prefix):


If you dont want your text to be affected by the wiki syntax use the following code:

<nowiki>your text</nowiki>

To redirect one article to another, clear the page you wish to be used to redirect and use the following code (where xx is the desired desination):

#redirect [[xx]]

Starting an Article


Help viewsource.jpg
  1. Assuming you have registered (if not, the button is on the right upper corner), simply find the relevant template, click on 'View source' on top of the page and copy the contents.
  2. Open and click 'edit' on top of the page, paste the template and fill in the blanks.
  3. Click 'Save page'.
  4. You are now done creating your own article.

List of templates

These templates are a good start when creating a new page:

Starting from scratch

If there isn't a template suitable to your desired new article, feel free to create an article as you see fit.

The QuakeWorld Wiki is open to edits by anyone, so if you know something about Quake we don't - we want your help! Is there something in particular you know a lot about? Just wanna write a vanity article? Go for it, new content is encouraged so be bold in your edits, as long as everything's accurate, factual and Quake-related.

Good luck & have fun!


While new content is highly encouraged, it is important to try and maintain style standards throughout the Wiki. The best way to be sure of this is to check for an existing 'template' of the article you are starting/editing. For all other purposes, this article will be the reference for styling articles. You may also want to become familiar with the Wiki's markup.

General guide

Article structures should resemble their relevant existing 'templates' and not stray too far from their general layout. Adding new sections to player articles for example is fine, but try and keep them in a uniform order across articles.

  • Section titles should follow general English sentence rules: capitalise first word only, unless otherwise necessary (league names, etc.)
  • Information lists should follow the format: Name: Francis Bacon
  • Don't add an infobox unless there is enough content outside said infobox to fill-out the article.
  • Sections such as "Quotes" & "Trivia" should be in lists, even if there is only one item.
  • Movie titles should be italicised, eg: Mortuality.
  • Avoid excess whitespace in articles.
  • Attempt when possible to split long lists into columns (see a country page for an example).

Prose over lists

One of the purposes of this Wiki is to record all known information on Quake-related subjects, which means a lot of stats, a lot of dates and a thus lot of lists. Small collections of short, related pieces of information are good candidates for using lists, but as a general rule prose is preferred. Reading passionate, in-depth and contextualised game reports are more interesting than just a list of maps and scores (or even screenshots). Learning why exactly someone prefers a certain map is more rewarding than just knowing what their favourite is, and so on.

Don't shy from using lists when appropriate, but if you have something you want to actually express or simply document here, tell everyone about it.


  • Flags should always be placed on the left of their text.
  • Don't use a flag unless the text is on it's own, ie; not part of a paragraph.
  • If a flag doesn't exist, find it on this site (and no other site, unless the styles and dimensions match). You can then upload it here.

Further reading