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The Clan was founded on September the 2nd, 2007 as a consequence of the Team Building Initiative started by Flag fi.gif Itsinen. The members were thus somewhat randomly selected with regard to their geographical location. The clan signed up to perform in EQL Season 6.

The initial squad consisted of: Flag ro.gif Aquashark Flag pl.gif Bdk Flag pl.gif eMcK Flag pl.gif NeFuRii Flag pl.gif Panqo

Also erased and 4star signed up and were appointed to comfortably numb, but never played a game. However, erased is the one who came up with the name Comfortably Numb.

CN entered their debute tournament of eql 6 - division rookies placing second and playing all games. First official game cn ever played took place on 23.IX.07 against coitus interruptus, ending in 2-0 for cn. Later games with coitus were a lot harder. Even though cn was active in official games, almost non practise games were played, thus, next eql and nqr seasons cn entered into rookies division as well.

With many real rookies in the rookie division, games were close. CN used a mix of team speak communication and team says, trying to learn team play. With many polish players, a lot of "kurwa" could be heard.

During nqr11 cn lost their first player, AquaShark that proved to be very reliable during eql6. In his place, cn got a new one, Kwibus.

Kwibus was a talented player who quickly started to outstand in the clan, having some e1m2 games end up with comments like "Castle of Kwibus". He became the informal couch for others. With fierce competition, cn ended on 4th position in nqr11.

During eql7, cn got a new player, Jon Snow, however with rookie division almost dead in eql7 (beside cn, only two other clans signed up), not much action took place, and the clan ended season on second place in 4on4 and third in 2on2, with many walkovers in the division.

Around this time, cn's coulour became top 9 bottom 11. Before coming up with the colors, cn played with random ones. During waiting time before one of the official games, cn decided to play in unified colours, as that seemed "more pro". It was hard debate what coulors to chose, finally 9/11 was chosen, as an 'interesting number'. (cn has neither alquaida's nor george bush's sympathy, and doesnt work with the 911 police number either)

After eql7 has ended, comfortably numb as a clan died, only to be reborn weeks later in eql8 with almost entirely changed squad. Kwibus advanced to higher divisions and to his new clan Unidentified Quake Entity, where he played with Murdoc. Bdk, eMcK and Panqo became inactive. However, thanks to new rookie team build up initiative, to the remaining active players NeFuRii and Jon Snow, new players joined. The following players joined under cn tag: Xatah (xtje) Zne Zappater Vertigo (vert) Faustov Devilok (devil.)

During this winter season two more div6 clans signed up for EQL: TPA and SXE. and as we won over both these clans finally we won the season and step up one div for the following events.

After EQL8 some of the members left us because of internal conflicts. Faustov, Xatah, Zappater and Devilok founded another clan called Segfaulters. For the following events we recruited new members: Akken, Ago_O, Piere, Maniac, Stev3ns aaand... Kwibus returned to us!!


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