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  • Made it to qwdramas top-10 ugliest gfx article (#5)
  • Achieved a shaft percentage of 40 in povdmm4


  • <Falzzi> I dont get why in the name of god would someone use such a retarded script
  • <pirog`aw> What's so "fucking" annoying about it?
  • <Falzzi> Nobody really cares about you being away..nobody wants to know why you are away and nobody most certainly wants to know how long you have been away when you come back
  • <pirog`aw> Still like my script.
  • <Falzzi> Why?
  • <Falzzi> Make it so that it msgs you instead of the channels so you can still enjoy the script

  • <Falzzi> Swedes just say "hoijjaa" and play badminton.

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