Team Building Initiative

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The TBI was started by Flag fi.gif Itsinen when he in August 2007 created a topic on the forum. The idea was to gather up alot of the newcomers and divide them into geographicaly based teams, even though the majority of players who signed up was rookies, some oldtime players who had been inactive also signed up.

All teams where founded on September the 2nd, 2007 and where placed in a rookie division in EQL Season 6.

Teams Created

Team 1 (Flag eu.gif Limbs Away!):

Team 2 (Flag eu.gif Mob of Oddballs):

Team 3 (Flag eu.gif Comfortably Numb):

Team 4 (Flag se.gif Shortys):

Team 5 (Flag fi.gif Coitus Interruptus):

Team 6 (Flag se.gif FESTERING ROCKETHOLE):

Team 7 (dead):


Division Rookies