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  • Real name: ???
  • Born: ???
  • Nationality: Flag dk.gif Danish
  • Current clan: *retired*
  • Favourite map: DM2

Clan history


Participated in TGI Known to play with extremely low sensitivity.

Danish Quake Superstar Columbo, who is named after that American detective character (the one who always wins in the end). Columbo started out as a DM6 kind of guy, but he moved on to DM4, and he finds DM2 a bit of a laff.


From Challenge-TV's coverage of True Gamers Invitational:

«The player who created the most unexpected impact was Columbo, from Denmark. The amazing thing was that he did it purely by playing the game brilliantly. I don't think he said more than two words to me (and they were «yes» and «thank you») and he came alone. He set up and played and I don't think he changed expression once - surely one of the most focused players I have ever met. Columbo was also noteworthy because he played using a mouse sensitivity of 1. That's right, when he turned 180 degrees it took three sweeps of the mouse. Watch his demos and you'll notice the pauses where he brings the mouse back round for the next sweep. How the hell did he manage that? I guess somehow he was always pointing in the right direction at the critical moment. When he beat Xenon, shocking one of the top seeds and creating a massive stir, we all knew that Columbo had been seriously underestimated. He made it to the final four, a fantastic achievement and we should expect to see a lot more of Columbo. Well done!»

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