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AiR, (Kapitan) Kloze, 23
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His Quake nickname is taken after Michael „Air” Jordan who at that time was a sports athlete he admired most. Airman started his Quake fascination from Polish „Empik” stores which in 1996 were like „Internet cafes without Internet” where you could play Quake multiplayer on Lan. Quake was presented to him by Azael, who at that time showed him the „+mlook” command that changed a lot.

After getting his first PC, Airman started to play locally on LANs and download demos of the best Quake players at the time (fibre internet was barely available and expensive at the late XX century in Poland). He participated in M3 and M4 Lan Parties in Myslowice, where he personally met the then Polish QW legends as LukPlastMan, Macler, HeadHunter, Thrawn or Insane.

After getting his first stable connection, he started to play online with ping above 50 in Poland. Slowly adapting to duels (TB3 mostly because other maps were hated at that time), he also developed his interest in Team Deathmatch. Still being a rookie in it, he was admitted to aX3, the oldest QW clan in Poland, where he took part in some games in EQL Season 6 as a „late addition”.

The very next season Airman (by that time going by the nick "23") joined the very well known Polish Clan - Demolition Crew. He stayed with the team till they came runner-up in Div2 in EQL Season 11. After EQL Season 12 in which Demolition Crew played in Div1, Airman was approached by ParadokS who at that time tried to recruit promising players to Slackers II. Airman joined the team and they fielded up a pretty strong pack for Div1 EQL Season 13 in the upcoming season which ended up with some upsetting decision from the admins: Slackers II missed the playoffs because the points system was a bit weird (flawed in some peoples eyes), meaning that SR2 with 4 games won missed playoffs while TKS made it while they only won two games (but lost more often with 1-2). The controversy was that TKS was allowed to play DC after the regular season ended even though this season intentionally didn't feature a catch up week and also that the admins allowed them to play both games (against the same opponent) on the same day (this wasn't allowed according to the rules). This led to some drama and TKS passing SR2 on the standings after the last day of the regular season, knocking SR2 out of the playoffs.

After that season the team was rebuild, with some players leaving and some joining, but due to insufficient playing time, the Slackers II team ceased to exist, resulting in Airman rejoining the good, old DC. They together played in Div1 of EQL Season 14 having some good time but not achieving a lot of success in the talent-packed Div1.

Meanwhile, Airman (along with Shamoth and Fluartity) decided to organize a tournament for clans of Poland - ClanWarz Poland. What started as a venue only for Polish Quakers, soon after morphed into a fully-fledged TDM tourney for all EU clans. The innovation was to play ALL tb3 maps, not matter of the first 2 maps results, and to play on Polish Aster servers. The tournament was a success and gave a lot of opportunities to play EU clans on Polish servers. Here is the old website:

EQL Season 15 Airman moved to Machinery as a guest player to help the team team build experience and skill. Together they played in Group B, taking 3rd place and 4th place in the playoffs.

After 1 year hiatus, Airman joined The Team for the last EQL Season 17 run but inactivity of the clan led to bottom places in their division (even though they were winning more than losing in the games they played). After EQL17, with some declining QuakeWorld activity overall and the Polish scene declining as well (Ponczek’s arrest time for being the crime lord of the Polish GFX Underworld where they tried to ship and sell faulty graphics card to allegro customers), infamous Sniegovy’s faking case also casting a shadow on the scene, Airman decided to retire.

After almost 7 years, Majq contacted Airman on LinkedIn encouraging him to return as the Polish scene was reborn during the Covid19 pandemic. He plays sporadically now due to real-life commitments.

Airman loves to test and mod different mice and mousepads and he owns a lot of them.


Mouse settings
Mouse In-game sens. Windows sens. Inv. mouse? Yaw Accel. Raw input? Rate Mousepad
Razer Viper 8KHz 13 cm/360 6/11 no 0.220 no yes 8000 Hz Artisan Hayate Otsu MID

Clan history



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Airman was also involved in creating, alongside Muff1n, the CTL maps for TDM (ctl4, ctl5, ctl6, and ctl8). His favorite QW players are: Reload, Valla and Ponczek :)