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{{Achievement table/intro}}
{{Achievement table/intro}}
{{Achievement|year=2020|place=1|event=QuakeCon 2020|additional=|mode=1on1|flag=|team=|prize=$1628}}
{{Achievement|year=2020|place=1|event=QuakeCon 2020|additional=|mode=1on1|flag=|team=|prize=$1668}}
{{Achievement|year=2019|place=1|event=Time 2 Hammer|additional=|mode=2on2|flag=se|team=bps|prize=}}
{{Achievement|year=2019|place=1|event=Time 2 Hammer|additional=|mode=2on2|flag=se|team=bps|prize=}}
{{Achievement|year=2019|place=4|event=HAMMER TIME! Quake Duel League|mode=1on1|flag=|team=|prize=}}
{{Achievement|year=2019|place=4|event=HAMMER TIME! Quake Duel League|mode=1on1|flag=|team=|prize=}}

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[e][h] locust
Qhlan2017 locust profile.jpg
Player Information
Niclas Wideving
December 26, 1986 (1986-12-26) (age 34)
First spawned:
Alternate IDs:
locce, locbot
Current Role(s):
2008 – ?

Seasoned QuakeWorld player Niclas "locust" categorizes as one of the Dragons of past times. Still bringing an unmatched and well-polished playstyle to the frontier, few are they who can out aim this beast.

Prominent in duels, team games aren't equally polished. He only play 4on4 when someone carry him onto the battlefield. 2on2 though, is a mode more fitting. In recent years, he's found success together with bps as AeronautS, attending QuakeCon 2016 in Dallas and QHLAN2017 in Stockholm.


Mouse settings
Mouse Effective DPI cm/360 in/360 DPI In-game sens. Windows sens. Yaw Rate Mousepad
Logitech GPRO WIRELESS 800 12.7 5 1600 0.5 6/11 0.09 1000 Hz Zowie PTF-X
Crosshair settings
Crosshair Color Size Alpha
1 1


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2020 A11st QuakeCon 2020 1on1 $1668
2019 A11st Time 2 Hammer 2on2 Sweden bps
2019 A44th HAMMER TIME! Quake Duel League 1on1
2019 A11st Thunderdome Season 10 1on1
2018 A11st 2018 QW Duel Showdown 1on1
2018 A11st Get2Gether 2on2 Sweden AeronautS
2017 A33 - 4th One-day eclipse 2 1on1
2017 A44th QHLAN2017 2on2 Sweden AeronautS
2017 A55 - 8th QHLAN2017 1on1
2016 A33rd QuakeCon 2016 2on2 Sweden AeronautS $1500
2013 A11st Duelmania Reloaded 3 1on1
2010 A99 - 12th Ownage Season 3 1on1
2010 A33rd Ownage Season 2 1on1
2009 A55 - 8th Dreamhack Summer 2009 1on1
2009 A11st EQL Season 8 Div2 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath 2
2008 A22nd QHLAN 11 4on4 Europe Firing Squad
2008 A44th QHLAN 11 1on1
2007 A33rd DreamHack Winter 2007 QuakeWorld Competition 1on1
2007 C525 - 32nd Ownage Season 1 1on1
2006 A77 - 8th Duelmania Reloaded 1 1on1





"Du är så jävla dålig."
    — To bps, during duels
"You're a psychopath"
    — Girlfriends words
"Man får vad man förtjänar"