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Formerly known as Frezta aZZ KickerZ, Ztockholm aZZ KickerZ and Zweden aZZ KickerZ.


Founded on a sunny day in Fresta / Upplands Väsby / Sweden by ZnApZ (znappe), ZlammeR (deathwing) and ZcraB. This day was the 31st of may 1998 and we were as usual very bored because of the summerbreak and decided we had to get something going. So we thought: Hey, why not start a quake-clan? ... Obviously we did *duh*

We started playing from school and Cafe 9 since we lacked descent internetconnections from home at that time and HPB'ing weren't really anything for us, we grow up with our 13 ms and will live with it forever. That's just how it goes. Anyways, in our first official game in august 1998 we took on a fairly descent opponent in Icon of Pain (dag, nator, wilco, owl). I think we played very well and allmost had them! ... but in the end the result were like 40-730. But I mean, close is always close! We continued playing from Cafe 9 during the fall & spring 98/99 playing vs different teams, won some, lost some. In the beginning of 1999 we started our infamous feud with 9 Girls 8) we lost the first 2 close games before we finally could beat them in a third! imagine the happiness! We beat a couple of girls at quake, Woho! Felt like we could do it all. So then, I think it was in late january or early february we decided to challenge Clan 9 to a official lan-game where both clans played from Cafe 9 and so we did. It was a glorious night, we were filled with adrenalin and coca cola and fucking ready to go! We offcourse picked our homemap e3m2 and we actually had the lead for about 2 and half minute or so before Paralyzer sneakpeaked at Liquids screen (speccing next to the other Clan 9 players) and killed our guy up at ya! Then it was kind of game over. We still blame Liquid for this horrific behaviour, we would have surely won if this event hadn't occured! Anyways, the map ended 17-236 or something after we had the lead with 16-13 8) On e1m2 they had all the SR-start they needed and we had like played the map once and lost with 6-303.. but atleast non of use got - in frags! That was the main goal of that map. The biggest reason why i am mentioning this match is because it actually was Clan 9's last official quakeworld game ever and it was vs Zundbyberg aZZ KickerZ which i think is quite funny in some ways 8)

In the summer of 1999 I started to play with Valla at his fathers work with a fucking sunet-connection and our own computers! It was the closest to heaven I will ever come.. so I believe. Anyway, since the rest of the team still didn't have any real connections we started a "a-division" of ZaK for a while called ZaK-1337 and played loads of games under a short period of time. From about mid-november 1999 to february 2001 ZaK were quite inactive with all of our players busy with school or playing for other teams such as Orbital Death. Then we decided to try to qualify for Challenge Smackdown Season 2. The problem was that we came to Cafe 9 too late, didnt get any computers next to eachother and without cfgs or speakingpossibilitys we had a tragic defeat against some lolish uk-clan called Fatal Error. We all blame Cafe 9 for that (We actually blame 9 for most of setbacks, Fuck U, Don't Mess With Us)! Anyways, soon after that in march 2001 god smiled down at us (Finally.. bitch) and gave us our 10/10 mbit bredbandsbolaget connection to our sweet little awaiting sundbyberg-homes. So we decided to compete in the B-division of Challenge Smackdown 2 and such rape it was. I might say we are the best ot the worse clan in the history of this game! .. If that makes any sense at all, I don't know.. it's up to you to decide. Still! We won 8 straight games with a fragdifference of plus 1300 or so beating teams like JAMS & Death Dealers easy, and then I really mean FUCKING EAZY, ye it's history.. its just history.. BUT IT'S STILL FACTS!

So in the spring/summer of 2001 we spent all our awake time on sitting packed in my room with our core-team at that time (Znappe, Deathwing, Almeida, Valla) playing pracs in QW. Beating clans like HPR, ONE, SSC, JAMS, Denial, QH and C6 *NaNaNaNaaaaaa we ruled!* In Ya Face! ZaK Style!

Then something mystical happened, after some lack of players and tournaments to play in where some of our players didnt play for another team was nowhere to be found we decided to start playing CS 8) Yea Baby! We then educated the CS-scene in skill and manners for the upcoming 2 years or so before we went back to QW for Clanbase Open Cup or something in the fall of 2003. The team was Znappe, Valla, Almeida, Hanky and Forsberg and we did quite well, winning our group after beating teams like Kalevala and Fappers. Then in the quarter finals vs Bored With Life we did only what we had to do since we were loosing and screaming at each other... We Dropped! Screw that fucking shit 8) ZaK Style again! Ye Baby! And as you probably could have guessed we left QW once again for another game..

This time it was Jedi Knight 2 (!!!!), you don't believe me? I hardly do it myself so it's no problem. It's actually quite sick that people really play that game for real :) We participated in the open cup of fall 2003 or spring of 2004 or something on Clanbase and we were actually close to advance to the playoffs thanks too two walkover-wins! Then we actually had to play a game and we were quite schocked by this fact since only 2 of our players even tried the game before :D And as I said, people really play this game!!!! think we lost with 50-1000 or something... Hmmm.. Close one again I suppose. And again! As you probably allready guessed we switched game again 8)

We then went back to laming around in counter-strike for a year or so, loosing more than we won. Didn't really matter though since we invited everyone we knew to play with us and our skillrange were quite wide 8) But then it happened! Nations Quake Rank 7! In the end of 2004 if my memory don't fail me (you must excuse the extensive beer-intake I suffered over the last few years *cough*). Anyways.. We recruited Link.. DON'T ask me why! We played in Division 3 and were fucking raped. I Think we lost the first 10 games we played and won the last 2 and had a map win/loss record of 5/22 or something similar to that :) Then in a game at the end Link dropped 3 minutes in to a cmt4 because I took his RA by accident *cough*.. he screamed a little and then he was gone, OH MY GOD WHAT A LOSS WE SAID! But then again, who cares, we were sick of loosing so stopped playing once again (no wins without valla *wink wink*)

In the summer of 2005 we continued to play some CS for fun but the clan were rather dead in the gamingbusiness as usual... as it had been since like 1999 when everyone discovered alcohol (DAMN UUUUU ALCOHOL... uuh I'm sorry, shouldn't talk down on the sweet things in life *snufs*). Ye well, babble babble... babble babble...

BOOM BOOM! Spring of 2006! Maybe some QW I said to deathwing and kanrki who hadn't really played anything the last 5-6 years or so and by my biggest surprise they were into it. It was a great shock! The great, notorious, feared, infamous ZaK were back on the highway to hell! We got almeida, muppstah and hanky to start play quake again and we signed up for EQL Season 3 with high expectations for our upcoming div5 campaign. Before the start of the season we offcourse had our share of the div5 qw-whiners who said we would rape everyone because we had one player who played quake regurarely in the last 5 years! Not much else to expect I suppose since I'M SO FUCKING GOOD! At least that's what they were indicating.. I'm more of a modest man.. I go outside, plant my tomatoes and watch them grow. I don't whine, I just go with the flow... eating my tomatoes.. grow new ones.. And the circle of lifes continues! Anyway! Then it was time for some action again! We ended the season with a 12-8 win/loss record which i think was pretty good... all our fans must have been quite dissapointed though since we got so much creds and whine everywhere before we had even played a single map! for an example, I quote fer on his predictions: "There is quite a lot of talk about this clan being in the wrong division. I think with their strongest team they will win this division quite comfortably." and then again by fer "Znappe will own most clans in this division by himself. Thats why zak for teh winners!" ... Didn't really see that happend! We played as a team, lost some, won some. But rest assure all ZaK-fans out there that haven't followed us as well as you should have the last couple of months, we actually made it to the playoffs! Our 17 points placed us 2 points over The Pimps and gave us a second place in the standings. The nervosity started to sneak in on the boys, we all saw it coming.. it was soon time for the greatest game in ZaK history at this point! The Grand Semifinal of European Quake League 3 - Division 5! You must see why we were shaky, I mean, this was life or death ffs! Still, we had allready beaten The Pimps in the group and i Quote SamoN from The Pimps after the first game "We are better, but we didnt have luck, and on dm3 we were fucked up becouse of e1m2 game and played very bad...That's all.". But what happend in the grand semifinal SamoN? *cough cough* We won 3-1, ZaK rules the fucking world ey! ooOooOoOO. Yes we are modest, i've said it before... its a virtue that we live by.

Then it was time for the last chapter of the story so far! The final vs The Gibbers... Z O M G... ZaK in a QW F I N A L !!!!!!! Z O M G!!!!... ye we lost 0-3 , all luck, no valla, all hangover *cough* 8)))))))))) We will be back this fall! Participating in EQL 4 and NQR 10 with the team of Znappe, Valla, Deathwing, Hanky, Kanrki, Almeida, Muppstah...

Ok! So that didn't really happen since me and valla traitored to restart Team Freedom once again. This was a bad decision though since we had to watch our backs all the time when we were out in sundbyberg due to angry non-traitoring members :D But well well, now it seems like we are back on track once again. I guess this is like our 16th comeback or so, but let's face it, it's boring to play every year with a fine clan or should i say community like Zundbyberg aZZ KickerZ. The team that will play for Zundbyberg aZZ KickerZ in the fall of 2007 is Znappe, Hanky, Deathwing & Almeida at this moment. There might be some additions later on! GET READY TO RUMBLE.... and whine.

Fear The Dar... I mean, The ZaKside...

Sooo.. for some last words... Hmmm....

We Hate You... You Hate Us... Let's leave it that way, should we?

// Truly Yours, Znappe


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