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Flaming Fist: 178 vs Clan Z: 93

V2 Quarter Z-FF dm3-diss.jpg
Screenshot before disconnect
V2 Quarter Z-FF dm3.jpg
Screenshot at the end of the game

DM3 began with FF grabbing the quad and first RL whilst Z managed to take the pent and bring it in to snatch the second RL. The score and the match was pretty even the first minute; FF camping and taking Quad and bringing it to RA as Z's players kept to YA/bridge. FF use their control over RA and their easy acess to Quad and take the lead. 18 minutes remaining of the game and they have worked up a 16 frag lead and are again taking the Quad. It seems by now that all FF's players are loaded up on weapons and (in most cases) armor. They are definately at the advantage. It is now that FF's real advantage comes into play. It is clear that their enormeous advantage when it comes to speedjumping does them a great favor on DM3 as they are able to attack, retreat and resupply very rapidly compared to their more "old-school" opponents. In any case, FF grab another quad but has it killed by Z moments later. At this point in the game, FF are holding on to RA whilst Z have control over YA and RL.

4 minutes into gametime and FF are +35 and looking strong. They camp Quad and attack fiercely. Thats when Spetnaz disconnects from the server, leaving Z outnumbered on the map. This leads to a humorous episode where Dedi comes in on ISDN to replace him, Dedi is in for half a minute or so and is then replaced by Zibbo who stays in through a minute or two of FF's rampage on the level. Then he drops out as well (the phrase "tag-team" was heard amongst the observers). So, Spetnaz comes back in again with FF firmly in the lead. 12 minutes to go and their lead has been increased to 87 frags. FF do a good job of keeping what I would call "fluent positional control". Because of their great speed and mobility, they do not stand around as much as otherwise necessary; they pick up resources very much on the move. This is really the only one major differance in skill between these two teams that I can see clearly. At least on DM3, FF found great use for their superior speed.

At mid-game, Pietro picks up quad and pent and spreads some terror (mostly scare). 9 minutes left and FF lead by 125 frags. That's when Z pulls together and manages to prevent FF from using the next Quad. Z make several pushes from then on, dealing out a little more punishment than they receive in return. They aren't able to keep the quad area from the quick assaults from FF, but they do manage to cling onto YA and kill the FF quad that comes there.

6 minutes left, FF +124. Z kill the next FF Quad and are working themselves up, regaining some frags on the level ... that's when Sunet has a hickup of some sort and disconnects all FF players except Dag. The rest of the team rejoins rather quickly, and now Z has complete control. The last few minutes are a reversed carnage as Z does their best to repay FF for the damages done.

In any case, the game ends with a respectable win by FF. To bad that the game had to be hampered by connection problems though.


Flaming Fist: 198 vs Clan Z: 172
V2 Quarter Z-FF e1m2.jpg

E1M2 proved to be a much more tense level than DM3. The game was marked by a haunting prediction from AA's Max Rebo: FF win by 23 frags it said ... hmm.

Anyhow, the game began with FF getting quad, and getting it killed. Z took the first RL ... and the rest was pretty much your usual chaotic mapstart. The lead swung from team to team the first two minutes, FF leading by 2 the first minute, then Z by 1 the next. Z managed to steal the Quad and hold the YA-are initially. FF was confined to the lower levels of the map, and some held up around 100H.

This didn't prevent FF from taking a quad or two and the scores remained very tight, even providing a nice tie-situation around the third and fourth minute. Then FF got another Quad and got control of YA. FF were slowly working up a lead. FF proceeded to take no less than 4 consecutive Quads. Z were busy trying to take and hold YA against the FF onslaught. Around mid-game Z got a quad and started their way back into the rankings.

10 minutes left, FF +36 frags. FF guard and take the Quad. The quadguy attacks 100H where Z makes a very nice quadkill, having one of their players fire a rocket behind the quaded FF-player, throwing him into the 100H room where another Z player executes him with the SNG. The next few minutes are very even as Z gains some ground, taking a Quad (but having it put down). The next two Quads are shared between the teams and the situation is little changed as we enter the 14:th minute, FF leading with 33 frags.

The last part of this map and game was hectic. Running battles were fought over the lenght of the level as Z tried their best to settle the scores. Z manage to narrow the gap to around 24 frags in the 18:th minute. That's when FF manage to steal one of the vital last Quads. It looked as if a Z player, low on health, was waiting and guarding a pack from a fallen opponent at Quad when more opponents stormed in and took both pack and Quad. This pretty much sealed the fate of this map as FF were able to hold Z at bay a little bit longer.

1 minute remaining ... FF lead by 23 frags ... hmm, would Rebo be right? Then FF managed to take the last Quad as well, securing a few more frags towards the end, making it +26 to FF and a damn good game from both teams. Having it end with +23 would have been spooky, if not outright suspicious ;-).

Report by Egowhip


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