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After Forever left Quakers in Black, he and Pedreiro decided to form a new clan, with the propuse of compete within the top clans at the time, O Clan and Animaniacs.

They were joined by two Quake 2 players, Flag br.gif nhd and Flag br.gif klz. Both were rivals with O Clan in Quake 2, and wanted beat them in QuakeWorld. Many more came, like Devasso, German, Nemesis, Fateful, Lalo, and others, and they became one of the main clans in the scene.

Around 2005 Forever became inactive, and Devasso took over. He invited to join Baron, Vonzipper, Morp and Stunner, to reforce the squad even more and establish themselves as one of the top.

In 2009, the QuakeWorld brazilian scene was very inatice, and was created a Warsow division. Were part of that division Pedreiro, Devasso, Fateful, Stunner, Morp and Sard.

In 2018 the QuakeWorld division resurged with Forever. Was also formed a Call of Duty: Warzone division, with Forever, Stunner, FelipeBarbosa06, Wizard and Gsamico.



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